ECO-2012 – youth initiative for the good of nature

Summer youth eco-camp “ECO-2012” has started on 16th of August in picturesque highlands near Chorvak reservoir. The eco-camp is organized by State committee for nature protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ecological publishing company “Chinor ENK” and non-governmental organization “Ekomaktab”. The eco-camp's activity is assisted by National Park Ugam-Chatkal, scientific center Eco-energy,  Mirsolar company, State Museum of Nature and Institution for gene pool of flora and fauna of Uzbekistan.
The organization of eco-camp became possible due to support of OSCE office in Uzbekistan. Chief councilor on projects, mr. Kristof Opfermann, took part in the opening ceremony. In his speech, mr. Kristof Opfermann highly estimated the landscape of Uzbekistan and called the participants to use this opportunity to become closer to nature. “Awareness of the ecological problems comes with the understanding of nature, and this understanding comes from experience and love to nature” – noted mr. Kristof Opfermann.

“Dear colleagues, I’m glad to have an opportunity of talking to you” - said the director of National Park Ugam-Chatkal, Abdukarim Abdujamilov, in his greeting speech – “we will introduce you the amazing nature of Ugam-Chatkal as well as our work for its preservation, both landscape and fauna. It’s great that participants of eco-camp is enthusiastic youth, eager to know more about nature and ready to make their own deposits into natural protection. We’re glad to share with you our knowledge and experience”.
The main goal of “ECO-2012” is to increase the role of youth in solving of the environmental protection problems.

Participants of eco-camp are the winners of Republican contest “Eco-start”. One of the camp’s essential goals is to develop ecological project that will be realized at the base of youth initiative. The teams consist of students of colleges and lyceums, last-year school students and their teachers.
In program of eco-camp there are lectures for youth and teachers. Such lectures will result in a further spread of ecological information and increase of public awareness. Another goal of the project is realization of youth potential.
Chief of youth eco-camp “ECO-2012”, Natalia Shivaldova, told us about planned activities and methods of organization, which will make the work of eco-camp interesting and productive: “We prepared an amazing, interactive educational program. The participants will acquire a lot of knowledge concerning biological diversity, efficient nature management, renewable energy, eco-journalism etc.”
For example, skills in effective nature management will be stimulated by the system of eco-tokens, which are going to be distributed among participants for their ecologically valid behavior and right decisions in solving of ecological tasks. By the end of eco-camp, participants will be able to exchange their eco-tokens and receive interesting books about Uzbekistan’s nature, ecological video films and so on.

Participants will discuss ecological problems with experts and specialists from State committee for nature protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, biologists and zoologists from Institution for gene pool of flora and fauna of Uzbekistan, employees of National Park Ugam-Chatkal.
At territory of camp there will be an exhibition demonstrating the advantages of renewable sources of energy, solar energy in particular. The exhibition is realized with support of scientific center “Eco-energy” and Mirsolar company.
Ecological games and sport tournaments will be a great addition to the program of “ECO-2012”.
Eco-camp is always a great opportunity for children to get closer to nature and maybe even choose their future career.
The eco-camp will be active for 10 days and participants will come back to their studies, and probably realization of ecological projects which they discussed during eco-camp.


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