Honorary Title – ‘The Best Regional and Local Lore Studies Sites’ of Uzbekistan

   Now the information environment is the totality of different information, information structures and subjects, carrying out collection, forming distribution and use of information. The information system, society and environment are inseparably  interrelated and constantly interacting.
    Today the role and importance of mass media for development of civil society, forming of priorities, cultural and intellectual component of harmonious development are evident.
    Further development of information structures and facilities is subject to economic lows – ‘demand causes supply’. Every day new information issues  are appearing, growing and strengthening. Their topicality is diversified and particoloured as an artist’s palette.
    The information sources highlighting the ecological problems of contemporaneity, take the special place among information mass media. The economic laws do not work in this area. The ecological information is not a ‘marketable goods’, it is specific in the manner of presentation and its target audience.
    The direct destination of these topical information resources is to make the nature closer, ecological problems and means of their resolution the property of the whole community.
    The team of www.econews.uz has been working in the area of information services for over four years. During this period we have done a great work on development and self-perfection, worked out more perfected design, developed the content-bearing component of the resource. Our portal daily updates news line. News is characterized by exclusiveness and operativeness. Authors from all provinces of the country work at our site. Style and genre of the presented materials are also diversified because scientists, experts, inspectors, journalists and common citizens, anyone who does not stand apart from modern processes in ecology and environment become the guests of our information sitting-room.
    One of the useful undertakings in the field of development of topical mass media is the initiative on the launch of the ‘Rating of the Ecological Sites’. It is called not only to unit all ecological, local lore studies and natural protection sites, but also to aim them at further improvement and development, mutual support and creative solidarity.
   Awarding ceremony of the winners of the Internet-festival of the national domain UZ 2010 took place at the Youth’s Creation Palace in Tashkent on 20 September. Competitive program included 14 subject and 2 special categories. Among other categories the organizers attach attention the topics of ecology, tourism and study of local lore. Spectrum of criteria of the winners’ selection was very broad – contain, design, updatability of a resource, its visiting and also many other factors, witnessing the popularity of a site.
    The joyful news about the win of our internet-resource in the prestige Internet-festival of the national domain UZ 2010 became the present for the whole creative team of information ecological portal www.econews.uz , its designers, authors and visitors. We take honorary prize place in the category of the best regional and local lore studies site.
    We congratulate you, our dear readers,  with this event!

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