Meeting on the Eve of the Teachers and Mentors Day

  The International Public Fund (IPF) ‘Ekosan’ with the assistance of the State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic Uzbekistan holds meetings within the framework of the state program ‘The Year of the Harmoniously Developed Generation’.
    The next meeting on the ‘Stable Ecology is our Future’ was held at the Kuy Chirchik Professional College of Social Economy and Services with the participation of the students, teachers and veterans of the district and was devoted to the Mentors Day.
    Erkin Hudoykulov, the director of the college opened the meeting. He congratulated the teachers’ stuff of the college and the guests with the Teachers and Mentors Day, thanked the International Public Fund ‘Ekosan’ for close cooperation in the problems of environmental protection and emphasized that these efforts resulted in the creation of the team of ‘Young Ecologist’ in the college.
    The members of the ‘Young Ecologist’ team showed scenes calling all people to do their duties on environmental protection. They also recited poems about nature and about Nuriddin Madiminov, now the late mentor of all those present. He occupied the leading posts in the district during many years and put much efforts and energy in the increase of his fellow-villagers welfare. He also took part in laying of the first brick in foundation of this college.
    Utkam Khojanazarov, the assistant professor of the Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami made his presentation on the ‘Forming of  Ecological World-look and Ecological Culture ofYouth is the Main Goal of the Educational and Upbringing Process and Basis of Upbringing of the Harmoniously Developed Generation’, that was listened to with great attention and interest. He emphasized that the scientists had proved that it would be possible to preserve the nature of our country, its wealth only if not single state, but all the countries united their efforts. It is very important that UNO  declared the 2010 the World Year of Biodiversity and today’s event is held under this slogan.
    On 21 September the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan addressing UNO summit in New York concentrated the attention of the world community on that fact that protection of ecology and careful attitude to the environment would acquire a particular significance in the course of achievement of the positive results in resolution of the Millennium Declaration Goals in the conditions of modern anomalous natural changes. He also focused attention on the state of the Aral Sea and proposed the implementation of a number of the concrete urgent effective measures with the participation of UNO for saving of the natural bio-fund of the Aral Sea region, reduction of the destructive influence of the Aral Sea tragedy on the fates of the millions of people living in this region. The Head of Uzbekistan thanked the UNO secretary-general for his visit to the Aral Sea region, his conclusions and understanding of the essence of the problem, for solidarity in resolution of the problems in the global scale.
    The recent Tashkent conference, presenting the operation of the ‘Gasodizel’ system in Uzbekistan, gave new impulse in ecological problems. Now the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MChS) must create training system in the conditions of transition to liquefied natural gas not only for specialists but also for population, because the gas is much more dangerous than petrol.
   Komiljon Juraev, the deputy chairman of the International Fund ‘Ekosan’. presenting the ‘Attention to Ecological Problems in Uzbekistan’, focused everybody’s attention on the policy conducted by the leaders of the country in this area: during the years of sovereignty Uzbekistan ratified 11 international Conventions and Protocols on nature protection, there are articles 50, 54, 55 on the rights and obligations in the field of nature protection in its Constitution of the country. The Commission on ecology functions in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis. 15 deputies elected at the conference of the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan are working on nature protection law-drafting in this Commission.
    He remarked that IPF ‘Ekosan’  in co-authorship with well-known scientists-ecologists of our country have prepared for publishing the text-book for professional colleges and lyceums; the scientists  of the Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami are preparing the teaching aid on ecology for schools. The work on creation of text-books and teaching aids for higher educational institutions, pre-school Institutions and families are carried out.
    K.Juraev proposed to invite Khani Asilbekova, the executive employee of the State Committee for Nature Protection, Ph.D. oh chemical sciences  for next meeting. In this year she with the delegations of the specialists and scientists visited USA and Switzerland. She can speak about positive experience of sustainable development of ecology in these countries. It would be useful for future specialists in transport or in the area of service.
    He also called the stuff of the college, including the members of the team ‘Young Ecologist’ to take part in the Republican competition ‘Ecological Journalism’ announced by the State Committee for nature Protection, the Ecological Movement, the Creative Union of Uzbekistan journalists and other non-governmental organizations.
    The Head of the IPF ‘Ekosan’ passed over to the leadership of the college the humanitarian aid – the ecological literature, complete sets of posters,  the map of protection of Uzbekistan nature, video-cassettes and DVD-discs. He also passed over to twenty members of the ‘Young Ecologist’ team sport shirts and baseball caps with the logotype of the ‘Ekosan’.
    Kholmurad Allanzarov (retired colonel), Abdulla Turgunbaev, the editor of the ‘Okkurgon ovosi’ newspaper, the authors of the books about fellow-villages and their martial work, spoke at the meeting  and presented their books to the college. Botir Shergoziev the director of the Akkurgan Professional College of Transport and Service, Nuran Belgibaev (retired colonel), Zamon Turgunbaev (the chairman of  the meeting of rural citizens ‘Ketmontepa’) and others thanked for congratulates on the occasion of the Teaches and Mentors Day.
    The participants of the meeting watched the documentary film by the International Public Fund ‘Ekosan’ about the Aral Sea tragedy with attention and interest.

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