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     1010 year that was rich of ecological events is coming to its end. During the last days of the leaving year the results are usually summed up and future plans are thought over. Following the tradition we shall summarized the results of 2010 year, declared the International Year of Biodiversity by UNO. ‘Biodiversity is Life, Biodiversity is our Life’ – it was the motto of this year all over the world.   
    Taking into consideration that actual and cognitive information on diversity of species, examples of positive experience of their conservation and increase will be useful and interesting for both specialists in protection of flora and fauna and all our readers, the editorial stuff of the ‘Ekologia Xabarnomasi – Ekologicheskiy Vestnik’ journal has decided to devote the 12 number of the journal to the topic of biodiversity conservation.
    The global reduction of biodiversity continues worrying. The main causes of the reduction of biodiversity are forest devastation, changes of habitats and lands degradation that are concerned with growing influence of the climate change. Negative human impact on the nature has long history, but these changes and breaches have never had such quality structure and gone so rapidly as now. Modern world economic strategy contains potential threat of global ecological crisis.  The main danger is the conservation of mutual stimulation of the growth of human population and consumption of natural resources. We forget that the most of natural resources are resources not only for people, but first  of all  for life nature.
    Other threat attracted the attention within the framework of the International Year of Biodiversity is spreading of alien invasive species.
    Decisive step in problems of biodiversity conservation was taken at the UNO conference on environment and development held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Conservation of biological diversity is the common goal of all humanity because it has ecological genetic, social, economic, scientific, educational, cultural, recreational and aesthetic importance. The Convention on Biological Diversity was founded to confirm that the states have sovereign rights on their own biological resources and bear the responsibility for conservation of their biodiversity and sustainable use of their biological resources. It has come into force as international act by 1993 and by the end of 1995 it has been ratified by almost 120 countries including the Republic of Uzbekistan. Our country joined to the Convention ‘To Combat Desertification’ (CCD), Convention ‘On the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora’ (CITES), Convention ‘ON the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals’, Ramsar Convention ‘On Wetlands of International Importance, Especially as Waterfowl Habitat’. All these assist to the implementation of complex measures in the field of conservation and increase of biological diversity.
    Signing of the Agreement on the protection, reproduction and sustainable development between the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2010 became the great contribution into the affair of biodiversity protection.
    The GEF/UNDP project ‘Integration of Biodiversity Conservation Principles into the Oil and Gas Sector of Uzbekistan’, aimed on correcting of oil and gas companies’ actions on conservation of biodiversity in this unique region – Ustyurt and also the project of the organization ‘International Fauna and Flora’ (FFI) and PACT (Pact Inc.) – ‘Initiative on Conservation of Ustyurt Eco-systems’ have been launched as the development of this Agreement.
    Raising of the awareness of people about existing threats, measures taken for resolution of problems and also about unique character and beauty of fauna and flora, surprising chronicles of our neighbours existence on the Earth is one of the important aspects of noble work.
    The creative team of the Ecological Publishing Company ‘Chinor ENK’ and the ‘Ekologiya Xabarnomasi – Ekologiccheskiy Vestnik’ journal took the active part in the information campaign of the International Year of Biodiversity’.  We initiated the Children Ecological Forum ‘Children’s Look at the Biodiversity’ and creative competition ‘In Harmony with nature’ which might be participated by young protectors of nature.  Children’ drawings , stories, poems published in ecological bulletin ‘Yosh ekolog- Yuniy ekolog’ and on the new Internet-resources for children gave young ecologists the opportunity to express their opinion and make the first steps in nature protection. In May 2010 the children ecological expedition ‘Tracings Dieyran (Persian gazelle) – 2010’ with the participation of young correspondents and artists took place. The expedition went to the center of  the Kyzyl-Kum, where rare specimen of desert flora and fauna are conserved. All these large scale events were possible owing to the support and assistance of the State Committee for nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the State Inspection on Protection and Rational Use of Flora and Fauna (Gosbiokontrol).
    The stuff of the Ecological Publishing Company ‘Chinor ENK’ has prepared new referent publication ‘Reserve and national Parks’ from the series ‘Protected national Territories’. It contains detailed and the latest information about reserves and national parks of Uzbekistan, and also unique articles and scientific materials accompanied with colour photo-illustrations on every reserved territory. Large and laborious work on preparation and publication of the fourth added and updated issue of the Red Book of Uzbekistan was finished in leaving year.
   In the coming new 2011, the stuff of ‘Ekologia Xabarnomasi – Ekologichesky Vestnik’ planes to please readers with new publications, continues to broaden topic’s range and circle of actual problems. We have great creative plans, new interesting projects, actual articles and opportunity to contribute into nature protection, by expressing  your own opinion as our authors, await you ahead.  
    The last days of leaving year are impetuously flying away with the passing events; the New Year waits for its turn. Enter into New Year with new dreams and plans.
    Let it bring a lot of joy and new achievements to all of us.
    See you at the pages of our journal, dear readers!

The editorial stuff of the ‘Ekologiya Xabarnomasi – Ekologicheskiy Vestnik’ journal
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