Competition for the Best Ecological Project

    If you are young ecological activist between 13 and16 years old, this news is just for you!
    Submit your ecological project and receive a prize from the ‘Volvo’ firm for Business Initiative in the field of environmental protection. Your team will also be able to visit Sweden where you may present your ideas at the international conference and take part in the competition for the final prize. All ideas and plans of actions will be published and presented in the Ecological program of the United Nations Organization.
    Any ecological problem that seems interesting to you can be in focus of your project. In last year organizers received the projects focused on:
-Biological diversity – the youth’s help to animals and plants in the region of their living.
- Waste – contribution of youth into the reduction of waste, its recycling and use.
- Water – contribution of youth into improvement of the quality of water at the region of living or at school.
- Energy – contribution of youth into reduction of energy consumption or its more efficient use.
- Transport – carrying out of campaigns on reduction of number of traffic jams on local roads by young people.
    May be, another topics connected with resolution of the problems caused by the climate change will be actual in this year. As you know, this global process is the reason of aggravation of many ecological problems. The problems of desertification, distribution of fresh water resources, the problem of domestic waste in big cities and others are actual for Uzbekistan. Think what can be changed and what is needed to be changed and it is in your power. Do not be only the consumers or observers. Write projects and submit them for the competition. You should only be registered and present your project on the site.
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