Journalistic expedition to the untouched site of nature

On June, 22-23, in the network of Republican competition for the best journalistic work in the field “Preservation of the environment and Sustainable development” media travel on Aydar-Arnasay lakes system has taken place.
Journalists from the central mass-media could visit unique natural territory and familiarize with an ecological situation of the given region. Also journalists could familiarize with nature protection which was realized by Aydar-Arnasay catchment’s area storage inspections.
Coordinators of media travel are: the Ecological publishing company «Chinor ENK», State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic Uzbekistan , Representation OSCE in Uzbekistan and International organization "Ecosan".
This positive practice exists especially for journalists, for stimulating their interests and to raise their ecological literacy in preparation of various publications (preservation of the environment and ecology), to expand access possibilities to the ecological information, etc.
One of such competitions is the «Republican competition for the best journalistic work in the field of Preservation of the environment and the sustainable development», which founders and organizers are ecological publishing company «Chinor ENK», State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic Uzbekistan, Representation OSCE in Uzbekistan, International organization "Ecosan" and public organizations.
In the network of the given competition media travel have been already taken place in Angren (the largest coal cut in the Central Asia, in Nuratinsks reserve), and here now in Aydar-Arnasay lakes system.
During this media travel its participants could familiarize with fauna and flora of Aydar-Arnasay lakes system, with an ecological situation on lakes and visit unique natural territory.
Elebey Primov, Assistant chief of Aydar-Arnasay catchment’s area storage inspections, in his performance has told about the given system of lakes.
His presentation has activated a lot of questions among participants of media round.
For the simple reason that during this media trip its participants have been personally seen changes of climatic and geographical zones of Uzbekistan: beginning with irrigated agriculture in Syrdarya and Dzhizkak areas up to deserted zone in Nuratinsk and Navoi areas.
They saw as the flora and fauna of these zones have change. And, as, it would seems in lifeless desert, has his own diverse animal and flora. Today Aydar-Arnasay lakes system gives rich animals and flora, many kinds of fishes have possibility of natural reproduction, a large quantity places for nesting and dwelling of many kinds of birds - mallards,  a ruddy-headed and red-nosed pochards, a grey goose, pelicans, swans, cormorants, various kinds of herons sandpiper and many others. In cane and riparian forest dwelling such animals, like - pheasants, wild boars, jackals, badgers, steppe cats and so on.
From October, 28th till November 4th, 2008, in the Changvon city (Republic Korea) was X conference devoting to the water-marsh grounds.
During work of the given conference it has been officially informed that Aydar-Arnasay lakes system and its territory include to the Ramarsky List of water-marsh grounds.
Media travel has helped to raise considerably knowledge level of journalists. In spite of hot weather, long road participants of media travel - journalists remained happy. Not always you can receive such possibility to see an untouched site of the nature, to understand that all in nature interconnected.
And this conversation will be continued, at the further meetings, which organizers have planned in other unique corners of nature. Announcements about the nearest actions as always on a site econews .uz.
Minaev M. {jcomments on}