The Buruchmullinsky forestry was visited by journalists.

For today representatives of Uzbekistan’s mass media accept an active participation in an ecological life of the country, more often addressing the creativity to a theme of the careful relation to the nature and rational use of its resources. «Republican competition for the best journalistic work in the field of Preservation of the environment and Steady development-2011» - had been initiated by the state committee of Republic Uzbekistan on wildlife management and the Ecological Publishing Company «CHINOR ENK». Information about media tour: In the network of the given competition journalists can visit unique natural territories, receive the competent information from the «first lips». The regular media tour «Mountain woods of Uzbekistan. Significance and protection» has taken place on June, 29th. This media tour is relating to the International year of wood. The main purpose of this trip was visiting of Ugam-Chatkalsky national Natural Park and the Buruchmullinsky forestry, which located on its territory. The Ugam-Chatkalsky National natural park was created in 1990 and transformed in 2001 by the special decision of the Cabinet of Ministers.It includes Buruchmullinsky timber enterprise (352 000 hectares), Ahangaransky timber enterprise (183 000 hectares) and the Chatkalsky biospheric reserve (35 000 hectares). The general area of Natural Park makes up average 574 000 hectares. The Buruchmullinsky forestry is located in territory of Bostanlyksky area. The Ahangaransky forestry is located in territory of Ahangaransky area, Almalyk and Angren. The general director of Ugam-Chatkalsky national natural park Abduzhamilov Abdukorim Abduraimovich is engaged more than 45 years in preservation and augmentation of mountain woods. He has told about work which is spent in territory of Natural Park: «Into a problem of timber enterprises enters reforestation and protection from fires and pests of wood.
With that end in view employees of timber enterprises carry out forest shelter and fire-prevention actions and forest reclamation works. For this purpose our employees carry out the forest, doing fire-prevention actions and forest reclamation works. Annually by forces of forestry only in territory of Buruchmullinsky and Ahangaransky timber enterprise plants 420 - 430 hectares of young wood. Here in nursery garden nearby 2.5 million nurslings and saplings are grown up. Then, this young undergrowth is distributed to other forestry enterprises of our Republic. In nursery garden generally, saplings of Crimean pine, a juniper, a thuja, a walnut, an ash, a maple, a dog rose and many fruit plants are grown up. »
The expert on ecotourism Yarygina Elena Aleksandrovna has led fascinating excursion around the Chorvaksky water basin and has acquainted participants with a nature sanctuary – of 500 years old plane trees Hodja Ahrara, Hodzhikensky petroglifs and «Man's tear» falls.
The presentation «Republican competition for the best journalistic work in the field of Preservation of the environment and Steady development-2011» has taken place in the program.
With the plan of the planned actions, conditions of participation, has acquainted Shivaldova Natalia a member of organizing committee competition. Works on competition will be accepted on following nominations: TV (a video film; the author's program; the reporting, a news plot, etc.), radio (the author's program; the reporting, a news plot), printing and Internet editions (article, a cycle of articles, and a note).
Also, it will be a new nomination «the best ecological edition: the book, the collection, the poster. » Likewise thematic trainings for journalists, a number of media tours in reserved territories and creative meetings with experts in the field of ecology and preservation of the environment are planned.
More than 25 journalists from the central mass-media and the news agencies, leading blogers of Uzbekistan could spend time with double advantage - to collect a lot of a different exclusive material for the future notes, reporting and articles, and to take pleasure in beauty fantastic Brichmulla.
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