The ecological project in Farish area has come to the end.

The ecological project “Development of regional ecological information centre" Nuratau-Kyzylkum in Farish area in the network of Small Grants Program of Global ecological Fund (GEF) has come to the end. For the projective period employees have achieved successful realizations of all planned tasks. Since January, 24th, 2009 there has taken place a set of actions for the project.
In  adjusting seminar and «a round table» on a theme «Ethno ecological tourism in Farish area» have taken part twenty representatives of administrative bodies of area and reserve, the directors of district’s schools, owners of guest houses in kishlaks Sentob, Hayat, Uhum.
Also took part inhabitants of kishlaks Andagen, Yangikishlak, Uchma.
In carrying out of meetings workers of capital travel companies and NGO «Economy, qualification and consultation» experts of the project and journalists actively co-operated.  
Round tables on a theme «The modern tourist market of Uzbekistan and tourist potential of the region» are regularly spent. Representatives of guest houses and tourist industry exchanged opinions on the problems of the further development of folklore aspect of tourism. And also on working out of ecological and horse routes.  
The main mission of the project consisted of the general informing of local residents on the native land nature. A purpose was – found the link of ecological formation with ethno ecological tourism. It has allowed keeping environment as it stands.  
Inhabitants were acquainted with possibility of occurrence of no conventional sources of incomes. Thanks to these incomes it is possible to keep the nature for the future generations.
Thus, one of the tasks gradually realized step by step - local residents had a motivation to creation of guest houses and search of incomes sources.  
The society with limited liability «Tabiaty Forish» repeatedly participated in trainings «Work shop» with the assistance of the international tour operators and local tour agencies.
The business structures are supported by Institute on the international cooperation of German association of public universities «Dvv international».
The Partners have directed the attention to development of ecological and rural tourism in Farish area.  
Open Company «Tabiaty Forish» possesses a developing infrastructure in Farish area in the Dzhizak area. Guest houses are located in picturesque corners.
Today «Tabiaty Forish» offers tourists the excursion to historical places.
Widely practice Horse and pedestrian walks, acquaintance with the nature of Nuratin national park. Within several days visitors get acquainted with legends, myths and population legends.
It is possible to listen to folklore and to participate in process of manufacturing of thin rugs «olacha». Colorful booklets for tour operators are prepared. Photos with comments give short information on this or that guest house.
The unique territory of Farish area allows having holidays which are connected with fauna and flora.
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