The photoreport on media tours.

In the network of Republican competition for the best journalistic work in the field of Preservation of the environment and the Sustainable development have taken place a media tours on Aydar-Arnasajskuju system of lakes  and Ugam-Chatkalsky national natural park  and Buruchmullinsky timber enterprise .

Fifty five employees of Republican mass media have taken part in this media tours. They have familiarised with unique nature of Kizilkum, with flora and fauna of Aydarkul'. Also they have familiarised with spent work on woods restoration  , had a talk with representatives of various nature protection structures and have received weight of the information. Organizers have planned to organise and spend some more media tours.
On media tours there were publications in a republican press, a plot in the information program «Ahborot» of the first channel, telecasts «EcoPoytaht», "Reporting" of studio "Tashkent" of the National broadcasting company of Uzbekistan, a plot in Interstate of teleradoicompany "World" and a number of the Internet sites.
In a photo gallery of our site we have placed about 130 photos. These photos - the original report on media rounds, as they took place. And using popular wisdom «it is better to see once, than hundred times to hear» we suggest to see and feel atmosphere of media rounds.
Familiarise with them on a site, give the offers and wishes.  


Minaev M. {jcomments on}