THE BEST NEWS: Finding a green job !!!!

The clean energy boom is expected to produce 4.2 million new green jobs over the next three decades, according to a study completed by the nation's mayors in October 2008. With that kind of rapid growth, employee supply and employer demand is likely to be unbalanced for a while -- in the workforce's favor.

Where to start:

    * E: The Environmental Magazine's list of booming eco-friendly job sectors is good place to start for inspiration.
    * Grist, TreeHugger,, HotJobs, and Sustainable Business Green Dream Jobs' listings are drawn from throughout the country.
    * Job Search specializes in nonprofits; search on "environmental & ecology" or "energy conservation & green living."
    * Green Jobs is all about the burgeoning area of renewable energy.
    * The National Park Service has 16,000 permanent employees and another 10,000 seasonal jobs to fill each year, from Hawaii to Yellowstone.
    * Business for Social Responsibility Jobs Board lists openings at such big names such as the Walt Disney Company.
    * World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms connects volunteers with organic farms around the planet -- not paid work per se, but a great way to see the world.

 Minaev M. {jcomments on}