Travel in riparian forest of Sayhun.

On July, 26th in the network of the project “Increase of journalist’s awareness concerning ecology and preservation of the environment” have been organized a media tour in Syr-Darya district in Sayhun enterprise of Gosbiocontrol.

This media our have been organized by State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, OSCE representation in Uzbekistan, International organization "Ecosan" and the Ecological publishing company “Chinor ENK”. As is known, 2011 is declared by the international year of wood.
The Republic of Uzbekistan though is rather poor of woody district, but has the unique corners, such as Riparian Forests. And for this reason media round has been organized in that district where settle down well-known riparian woods.
Participants of media round had possibility to familiarize with beauty of Sayhun. It has been spent special field press-conference.
 Organizers of tour have greeted all representatives of mass-media and visitors.
It has been presented the Republican competition for the best journalistic work in the field of preservation of the environment and a sustainable development “Koplon-2011”.
The following nominations are noted: TV, radio, printing editions. Then journalists could set their interesting questions to organizers and employees of Sayhun enterprise.
Also the representative of OSCE declared about carrying out of photo competition 2011 on a theme “Protecting our future: a transport and power sustainable development”. The given photo competition invites photographers, both professional, and the fans living in region of OSCE, including the countries-partners. They should present only three photos illustrating importance of development of steady power and transport. And it is necessary to notice, that the given competition has very much interested journalists. (Detailed info -
After an official part of the program has begun an acquaintance to activity of Sayhun enterprise. It has been spent an excursion on riparian woods and enterprise territory. The director of Sayhun enterprise has told about features of woods, and how they carry out protection of this surprising place.
After an acquaintance to local sights of riparian forest, participants of media tour had dinner in the field conditions, which has given to a trip an additional extreme and romanticism.
After a dinner have been carried out a practical action - excursion to a boat on a water surface of the Syr-Darya River.  
In the end of media tour, representatives of mass-media could interview the Director of Sayhun enterprise, representatives of Gosbiokonrol and organizers of action.
The given media round has given the big possibilities for journalists. Journalists can make an exclusive and informative material.
As a whole, the trip has taken place very successfully, in the best traditions of joint actions of State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan and its partners. The same evening all participants have come back home, overflowed with impressions, materials and new creative plans.


Translation: Minaev M. {jcomments on}