Ekojournalists were supported in Uzbekistan

On December, 15th has celebrated the awarding ceremony of the contest “Qoplon-2011” for the best journalistic work in the field of environment conservation and sustainable development in the National  Press-center of Uzbekistan in Tashkent. The event was organized by the State Committee for nature protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Gosbiocontrol, Ecological Publishing Company «Chinor ENK», Ekoresource Center «Ekomaktab» with the support of the OSCE Project Coordinator in Uzbekistan, the Israeli Embassy in Uzbekistan and representatives of the International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas "ICARDA".
Increase of interest of journalists to ecological issues, preparation of substantial and analytical publications, radio and telecasts - was the main goal of organizers of the contest «Qoplon - 2011» for the best journalistic work in the field of environment conservation and sustainable development.
The nominations of the contest: TV, radio, print media and Internet journalism. A special attention have received of the young journalists.
As a result of the voting members of the jury were chosen the winners in the nomination of television journalism in the next categories: "Ekoreport", "A fascinating story," "Creativity and professionalism." This year's winners were Taras Kucherenko  - channel Uzbekistan, "Akhborot" , Asadova Muattar Uz MRTK, "Davr" Bukhara region, Chepurnova Elena  - channel Tashkent, "Ekopoytaht" and Evgeniy Orlov MRTK "Mir."
In the categories "For straightness and uncompromising," "Creativity," "Actual Report", "Consistency and dedication to the theme of ecology" in the nomination of print media won: Natalia Ayrumova - newspaper "Noviy vek", Rakhmonov Said - newspaper "Khalk suzi" Rimov Nosirzhon "Fargona Tabiat kўzgusi",  Kengboev Jasur - newspaper "Jamiat", Khidirova Bakhor - UzA, Ergasheva Makhfuza - "Angren haqiqati", Makhmudova Luiza - "Turkistan-Press".
In the nomination "Print Media" was a special prize - Grand Prix of the competition. "For the professionalism and dedication in covering of Ecological issues" was awarded Ildar Mudarisov - the newspaper "Narodnoe slovo" -  internship to Israel.
"Voice of the Nature Conservancy", "Actual report", "Ekoefir" - according to this categories winners were determined in the nomination Radio journalism. EkoFighters  on the radio broadcast - Abdullo Mamasadiqov - radio "Uzbekistan", Araksiya Manucharova - radio "Poytakht", Igor Biryukov - radio "Uzbekiston".
In the nomination "Internet journalism" was awarded Pavel  Krawets. His article about river Burzhar, published in newspaper "Noviy vek" stirred up the minds of many people. But the most popularity he gained at the web site  www.eko.uz. In the category "Simply about difficulty"  won two bloggers, who often turn to the issue of ecology and environmental protection in their publications: blogger site "My Tashkent" Sklyarevskiy Evgeniy and blogger sites' “PR.Uz” and “Idea.Uz”  Krichagina Natalia.
The important achievement of this contest is that publications in mass media, radio and telecasts became more operative, authentic and substantial, devoted to ecological issues. Quality and quantity of published materials has raised. Thereby, awareness of the population about ecological events, as in Uzbekistan, and abroad has considerably raised.

Yuliya Panina  {jcomments on}