Results and plans for the future

In Uzbekistan there is a tradition to celebrate 27th of June – “Press and media workers day”. Everyone connected to the preparation and delivery of information in Uzbekistan consider this day as their own professional holiday. Subjects, means of delivery and forms of today media are various. Nevertheless from that great informational flow we can distinguish a very important trend – eco-journalism. There are a great number of enthusiasts paying their attention to the ecology and the problem of environmental security through raising the issue of very important themes connected to man-to-nature interaction problems.

The very first ecological magazine to appear in Uzbekistan was the “Ecological herald – Ekologiya xabarnomasi” with the first edition released in 1995.

During the 17 bygone years of its existence a lot has changed: quantity of the columns, its periodicity etc. The audience and the number of authors widened. A lot has changed, though the main policy of the magazine remained the same containing in self  an attention to its readers and authors, competent choice of the published materials. The magazine demonstrated that such product is requested among consumers and thus at its editorial base was found the "Chinor ENK", ecological publishing company. All of its informational products are connected to the magazine and, saying frankly, have their roots in it.

Ecological portal of Uzbekistan ( that exists for seven years already, has gained a great audience and its unique face. Daily refreshments, actual information in two languages, made it one of the most popular eco-resources being known not only in Uzbekistan, but world-wide. There are sites on the specific themes such as alternative energy, ecological education, ozon layer protection, that grown independent from the Ecological portal of Uzbekistan. They have their permanent specific audience: specialists, amateurs and people simply interested in thematic. They are:,, ,,, .

A talented creative team of designers, editors, journalists work on gathering and publishing of information. All these people are pure enthusiasts and fighters for the clean and safe environment. The creative ways of our team and the desire to make ecology popular inspired us on cooperation with State  committee for nature protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, non-governmental ecological organizations and OSCE office in Uzbekistan in order of organization of the “Republican contest for the best journalist article on the environmental protection and Progressive development”.

We have a good number of victories and though we understand there’s still much to achieve. Stay connected!  {jcomments on}