Regional media and ecology

Today, on 24th of July, three day training seminar for regional media journalists has started. The topic is “Improvement of the regional media efficiency: professionalism, dedication, and civil liability of the journalists”. Organizers of the seminar are Independent Institute of Monitoring for Forming of Civil Society and Public Fund for Support and Development of Independent Print Media and News Agencies of Uzbekistan. Representatives of print media from all the Uzbekistan have been invited to join the seminar. During the seminar participants will be provided with detailed information on government arrangements for reforming of the informational sphere and granting of the freedom of speech.  


On the first day of seminar it was mentioned, in particular, that legislation for the development of the media already exists in Uzbekistan today, the laws concerning media and freedom of speech were legislated and came into force. Significant amount of time was dedicated to discussing of the info that would prove to be interesting to the audience in regions. Another point of discussion was the role of regional media in public control of the regional governmental organs, detection of the fails that decrease the social efficiency of the reforms in media sphere. Participants as well participated in practice lessons on analytics and criticism.

Participant journalists noted that this seminar is a good chance to improve one’s professional skills, awareness of the current reforms and changes in the country.

Director of information service of State committee for nature protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, H. Asilbekova, made a speech concerning government’s decision in the sphere of environmental protection, international projects of protecting wild life. H. Assilbekova stressed that State committee for nature protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan always works in a strong connection with media.

Next speaker, employee of the “Chinor ENK” ecological publishing company R.Ibragimov, told regional journalists about the “Koplon-2011” contest organized by their publishing company with support of State committee for nature protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The contest was dedicated to the improving of the journalist’s knowledge of the eco-journalism, environmental protection and sustainable development. The contest consisted of five media-tours and a number of conferences. R.Ibragimov noted that “Chinor ENK” plans to give this contest a continuation and soon there will be a “Koplon-2012”.  {jcomments on}