Ecologically Clean Technologies in Oil and Gas Industry

The sustainable development is the base of the European Union goals. In 2001 the EN Strategy in the sphere of sustainable development was appeared at the session of the European Union in Gothenburg.
    Ecologically clean technologies protect the environment, less pollute it, use all resources more efficiently, envisage waste and production recycling and treat with residual waste in a more appropriate way than the technologies they are replacing.
    Ecologically clean technologies in the context of pollution are the technological processes and production technologies, producing little waste or not producing it at all. Besides that, they include the technologies of purification for removal of pollution after it formation. Ecologically clean technologies are not only sole technologies; they are integrated systems, including ‘knowhow’, procedures, goods, services, equipment, organization and management procedures.
    On 19 April the round table meeting on the ‘Ecologically Clean Production Technologies in Oil and Gas Industry’ started in the Republic of Uzbekistan. It was jointly prepared by the Office for Coordination of Technical Assistance to the Commission of the European Union and the State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan. This meeting was held within the framework of the project of the European Union on ecological technologies ‘Strengthening of Measures for Environment Protection in Oil and Gas Industry in the Central Asian Countries’. Employees of the province departments of the State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, specialists in oil and gas industry took part in it. Doctor Marina Eggert, the international expert of the European Union for ecological technologies chaired  this round table meeting.
    During the round table talks its participants got acquainted with the concept ‘for a Cleaner Production’ and the advantages of its using  in oil and gas industry; with certification systems for contractors of oil and gas industry, with models of best practices and principles of sharing ecological technologies – the experience of Germany.
   Importance of ecoloical technologies is in the following:
 controling air pollution and waste treatment, producing ecologically clean products and services, decreasing  expenses, reducing discharges, consumption of energy and resources.
    Expert’s report on the technical assistance procedure of the Commission of European Union in Uzbekistan and action plan of the European Union on ecological technologies raised particular interest of the participants of this meeting.
    The participants of the round table meeting highlighted the necessity of the introduction of advanced technologies in the oil and gas industry of Uzbekistan after careful analysis of its use in the conditions of  hot and dry climate of our country.    
    All have agreed that such round table meetings are necessary to be continued and they will help to resolve actual problems of environment protection and use of modern technologies in oil and gas industry of Uzbekistan. The next round table meeting is scheduled for September.

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