The Almalik Mining and Metallurgical Mills (AMMM) will Strengthen the Ecological Safety

   Industrial production is accompanied by large discharges of different kinds of waste, including the toxic ones. Today utilization of these wastes is one of the most important problems and, in the case of optimum resolution of this problem, there will not be problems concerned with ecological safety.
    As the site informs, introduction of the technologies, based on recycling of secondary raw materials, is one of the ways of resolution of this problem. It allows not only correctly utilizing the production wastes, but considerably reducing the prime cost of finished products, received from secondary raw materials and seriously saving the resources that are needed for this production.
    So far, the Almalik mining and metallurgical mills (AMMM) actively introduces the technologies for recycling of secondary raw materials in Uzbekistan. The AMMM plans to finish the development of preliminary feasibility study of the construction project of new sulphuric acid workshop at the copper smeltery by September of this year.
    Putting into operation of the new workshop will allow AMMM to resolve fully the problem Utilization of effluent sulphur-containing gas that will be used as secondary raw material. These measures will allow reducing discharges of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere and saving  natural resources owing to use of resource efficient technologies. It will positively influence on ecological stability of the region.
    As the specialists of the enterprise say, this project is envisaged for two years. Total cost of the works is estimated as 46 million dollars. The Fund of Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan will finance this project. The enterprise is planned to utilize about 7 million dollars during this year. AMMM will annually receive by 500 thousand tons of sulphuric acid in 2012 year, when construction of  the workshop is finished.
    Today the cooper smeltery is the final link in copper chain of the mills. The plant has full and complete cycle of receiving of gold and silver bars, and the same time it receives rare metals – selenium and tellurium. At present, the design capacity of AMMM is 31 million tons of annually extraction of copper contained ore and 0.5 million tons of lead contained ore.

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