Andijan will Become Cleaner

    Cleanness of streets in cities and other settlements is always in the focus of the attention of public utilities and other organizations responsible for this important and necessary matter. So far, huge improvement works are being implemented in Andijan.
    As the site reports, the reconstruction of municipal economy systems and city transport infrastructure amounting to 490 billion soum is planned in the city in 2011-2015. City services will buy 14 units of special equipment for domestic waste removal amounting to 1.22 billion soum and take 200 buses on lease amounting to 13.26 billion soum.
    The khokimiyat of Andijan intends finishing the reconstruction of 13.5km of sewerage (25.25 billion soum), 99km of water-supply network and 5 water wells (9.36 billion soum), 50.1km of district heating supply system (104.17 billion soum) by 2015.
    In the course of the reconstruction of the city, a special attention will be paid to the restoration of parks of culture and rest and sport facilities. Thus, the construction of the specialized football college-boarding school assigned for 320 pupils with the cost of 8 billion soum will be finished in 2011. In 2012 the reconstruction of the stadium named after People’s Friendship amounting to 3  billion soum and building of the ‘Kabullar Uyi’ object amounting to 13.100 billion soum will be implemented.
    City administration planes to reconstruct the park named after Alisher Navoi (8 billion soum), the park named after Chulpan (5 billion soum), remove the puppet-theatre ‘Lola’ with further placement in the A.Navoi prospect area (10 billion soum).
    Serious works are envisaged for the improvement of transport infrastructure. 46.068 billion soum will be utilized for asphalting of 53km of inner automobile roads, mounting of irrigation flumes, organization of irrigation systems in the streets Bobur, Uzbekistan, A.Navoi, Chulpan, Pirmukhamedov, Kusharik, Mustakillik, Yu.Otabekov, Altinkul, D.Eshon, Tashkent, Mashrab, Lermontov, Furkat, A.Temur, Janubiy, Pakhtakor, Osh, A.Yuldashev, Fitrat, Fergana, Sanoat, University.
    Most part of the amount, over 145 billion soum will be utilized for housing construction. As a result, 342 thousand of square meters of housing are planned to be built during five years. A part of new housings will be provided with telephone connection, for these purpose the Uzbek Agency of Communication and Information (UzACI) will allocate about 30 million soum.
    To provide the inhabitants of Andijan with appropriate level of services, 800 different objects of this sphere will be created in the city amounting to 38.452 billion soum.

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