With care of city "lungs"

Annually, in the spring, all inhabitants of Uzbekistan leave on cleaning day - hashars on which they engaged in cleaning and a territory accomplishment. On them the inhabitants of Uzbekistan are plantings of saplings of trees.

This custom goes since ancient times: by time of approach of Spring all nearby territories were cleared of dust, were made plantings of trees. Nice traditions have proceeded and nowadays.
Showing social responsibility and care of a society, employees of Carls Carlsberg Uzbekistan, following the ethical and ecological party of any activity, responsibly approach to observance of standards of preservation of the environment, health and safety at the factory. Thus they do not forget and about ecology of all city.
On May, 7th since 9 mornings employees of Carlsberg Uzbekistan have gathered in the Botanical garden to prepare it for a season, to put in order and to relieve of the dust left careless visitors.
And, this action was not corporate: all were on the contrary invited wishing to take part in noble business. Enter in a garden and potable water for volunteers were free. The bags for dust and glove gathering to participants of the action were given.
The botanical garden of Academy of sciences of Republic of Uzbekistan is created in 1943. In 1953 the general plan of a garden in new, modern territory has been confirmed. But still earlier since 1948 it have been made crops of seeds and planting of trees and the bushes, 86 hectares which have given rise to development of territory in the northeast of Tashkent. Now the area of the Botanical garden makes 66 hectares.
In 2001 on the basis of association of the Botanical garden and botany Institute Research-and-production has been created the Center "Botany" of Academy of sciences of Republic of Uzbekistan.
General Director of Carlsberg Uzbekistan Evgeniy Shevchenko has characterized this action: «This initiative which is carried out by our company is a contribution to care of the ecology, aimed at preservation of unique plants which grow in the Botanical garden. Because all each visitor of this fine place should see, first of all, beauty of flowers and trees, instead of dust. We hope that this initiative becomes annual tradition and the companies and organization will be connected to her.
Young employees Carlsberg Uzbekistan and representatives of youth of Uzbekistan with enthusiasm cleaned territory that is visible from a photo.
Cleaning of the Botanical garden - not the unique action of company Carlsberg Uzbekistan directed on preservation of environment. We will remind, that on March, 26th, 2011 Carlsberg Uzbekistan has taken part in the global ecological action «Hour of the Earth», the wild nature spent by the World Fund.
The director of research-and-production centre "Botany" Tuhtaev Bobokul Yorkulovich remained is happy with the action: “We annually make territory cleaning, however we do not refuse the help of public organization, the enterprises and factories. This territory serves as vacation spot and nature knowledge. So let such actions benefit all - and to us, employees of“Botany”, and to townspeople – they may come and have a rest in a hot day, to show children unique plants, to estimate their unique beauty”.
In a word, ecological action remained are happy all both participants and organizers.  R.Ibragimov 

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