Taskent citizens will be obliged to sort garbage

On the 1st of August in the capital of Uzbekistan a new rules of sorting, collecting and storing of the household waste will come into force. These rules were approved by the decision of Kengash (council) of the people’s deputies of Tashkent concerning arrangements for improving of sanitary-epidemiological situation in the city. The main purpose of the new rules is reduction of harmful impact to the man’s health and environment, improving of the ecological and sanitary-epidemiological situation and implementation of the new system of dealing with household waste that engages the use of the modern technologies.

The rules will come into force on the territory of Tashkent and will be mandatory for all enterprises, organizations, citizens and guests of the city.

According to these rules, household wastes are to be sectioned into five types, four of which require the use of the plastic bags. For the fifth type, which includes mercury-vapor lamps, special containers will be provided. These containers grant the preservation of the mercury-vapor lamps and prevention of the leakage of quicksilver.

Every of the four types will require a plastic bag of a special color:
1)    Blue plastic bags for the plastic waste.
2)    White plastic bags for the paper waste.
3)    Yellow plastic bags for the food waste.
4)    Black plastic bags for non-specified waste, which cannot be described as plastic, paper, or food waste.

New rules oblige all legal entities and individuals to collect the waste independently and to store it on their own territory in compliance to the rules of sanitation and hygiene. The garbage is thrown out to the special places of waste collection. Removal of the garbage is realized by “Mahsustrans” company.

One of the paragraphs concern s responsibility. Violation of the rules will cause certain penalties.  {jcomments on}