Care about the "lungs"of the city

Every year, in spring, all citizens of Uzbekistan go on voluntary work - hashar, which involved cleaning and landscaping, planting trees. This custom comes from ancient times: the time of the arrival of spring all the surrounding area were cleared of debris made of tree planting. The glorious tradition will continue today.

Demonstrating social responsibility and concern for society, employees of Carlsberg Uzbekistan, following the ethical and environmental side of any activity responsibly approach to compliance with environmental standards, health and safety at the factory. However, they do not forget about the ecology of the city.
May 7, from 9 am members of Carlsberg Uzbekistan gathered at the Botanical Garden in order to prepare it for the season, put in order and gets rid of the debris left behind by careless visitors.
Moreover, this event was not corporate: invited all interested persons to participate in the noble cause. The entrance to the garden and drinking water for the volunteers were free. Participants of the action were given bags and gloves to collect garbage.
Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic Uzbekistan was established in 1943. In 1953 was approved general plan of layout the garden on a new, modern territory.
But even prior to 1948 were performed sowing seeds and planting trees and shrubs, which gave rise development of 86 hectares area in the north-east of Tashkent. Currently the area of the Botanical Gardens is 66 hectares.
In 2001, the unification of the Botanical Garden and the Botanical Institute was created by the Scientific Production Center "Botanica" of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.
General Director of Carlsberg Uzbekistan Evgeny Shevchenko described the event: "This initiative, carried out by our company - an investment in caring for the environment, aimed at preserving the unique plants that grow at the Botanical Garden. After all, every visitor of this beautiful place has to see, first of all, the beauty of flowers and trees, but not junk.
We hope that this initiative will become an annual tradition and different companies and organizations will join it". Young employees of Carlsberg Uzbekistan and representatives of the Uzbek youth cleaned up territory with enthusiasm, as can be seen from the pictures shown here.
Cleaning the Botanical Garden is not the only event of Carlsberg Uzbekistan, aimed at preserving the environment. Recall that the March 26, 2011 Carlsberg Uzbekistan took part in the global environment “Earth Hour” held by the World Wildlife Fund.
Director of Research and Production Center "Botanica" Tukhtaev Bobokul Erkulovich was satisfied with the action: "We annually produce territory cleaning, but do not refuse help from public organizations, enterprises and factories. This area is a place of rest and study of nature. So let such actions are beneficial to all - and to us, the staff of SPC "Botanica" and citizens - they will be much to come and relax in a hot day, to show children the unique plants to evaluate their unique beauty".
In short, all the participants and organizers were satisfied with environmental measures.


Bogdan Schwarzmann {jcomments on}