«Program of environmental protection in Republic of Uzbekistan»

Briefing on topic “Program of environmental protection in Republic of Uzbekistan” took place in conference hall of the State committee for nature protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Chiefs of several ministries, establishments, representatives of non-governmental organizations and journalists participated in briefing.

Vice-chairman of State committee for nature protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan Kamolitdin Sadikov, program coordinator of Interstate Committee on Sustainable Development in Uzbekistan Ibrat Karimov, main ecologist of “Uzkimenosanoat” Hozhiakbar Mahmudov, chief of the AMMC’s environmental protection department Alexander Filimonov, specialist of Informational service of State committee for nature protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan Hasan Tursunov presented all information concerning realization of the program, participation of the all interested sides, such as industry and education representatives.

The program’s main goal is to operate measures for environmental protection, ecological safety and reasonable nature management.

State committee for nature protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other concerned governmental establishments realize control over the realization of program. Up to the 1st of July 2012 out of 78 of planned measures 39 are already completed, 33 being operated and 6 has their realization terms extended. The total expenses of the program constituted 353,8 billion sums, 408,8 million dollars and 16,05 thousand euro.
According to the program, operated measures were: implementation of the new ecologically clean low-waste technologies, measures to decrease the environmental pollution caused by industry. Thus, new objects supposed to utilize associated gases were installed at Kokdumalak oil and gas field. As a result, volume of utilized associated gases constituted 4.7 billion cubic meters a year.”Navoiazot”, “Maksam-Chirchik” and “Ferganaazot” took measures in order to decrease emissions of nitrous oxide. Fergana refinery started to produce unleaded gasoline and excluded the use of lead additives. There are certain successes in reasonable nature management. “Maksam-Chirchik” realized a construction of two emergency capacities for ammonia plant.

Development of drained Aral sea territory is going in a high tempo, a new dam at the Jiltarbass bay is constructed and reconstruction of the western dam of  Mezhdurechensk reservoir is being operated.

One of the main goals of the program is to save biodiversity. Territory of Eco-center was increased by 9 thousand hectares. An adaptation open-air cage complex was built for Przewalski horses and onagers. Measures for developing of Hissar reserve were made. Scientists continue their researches of the saiga population on the Usturt plato in a try to find out how to save them from the extinction. In order to preserve tugai complex of Syr Darya a water cleaning works were performed, and as well zoological and botanic researches. The works on improvement of land reclamation state are performed in Bukhara, Navoi and Kashka Darya districts.

In total, this program assists in realization of current republican reforms and is conducive to the activity aimed at environmental protection.  {jcomments on}