New horizons of biogas technologies

For maintenance of a modern life is necessary a large quantity of energy. But oil and gas stocks come to the end, and consequently scientists of all world searches for alternative energy sources. Such source it successful becomes biogas. What includes the given concept? It is gas which receives owing to methane or hydrogen fermentation of biological weights. Methane decomposition occurs with the assistance of three kinds of bacteria: hydrolytic, methane formers. and methane formers. Each subsequent bacteria eat previous - is a typical chain of a food.
The humanity has learnt to use biogas for a long time already. Still B.C. primitive biogas installations were already made. It was the people which are occupying modern territory of Germany and called Alemanas. Their residence was on boggy district where gas accumulated in the holes of bogs. People have created leather awnings and covered with them these places, and other end brought to the house.
For today in Uzbekistan projects on introduction of biogas installations are very actively carried out. Last week in Tashkent there has taken place a seminar on prospects of development of biogas technologies in Republic of Uzbekistan. The seminar has been organized by the Ministry of Economics of Republic of Uzbekistan together with the Program of Development of United Nations in Uzbekistan.
Organizers of a seminar wished to draw attention of representatives of the power and farmers to modern methods of life improvement for the people living in countryside. The presented presentations covered various aspects of application of biogas, including use of different kinds of raw materials.
The greatest interest was caused by performances of gas users which have shared the practical experience on introduction. The important fact was that acting spoke not only about positive results, but also shared the negative experience. Also were offered ways of wider development of gas installations in the Uzbekistan. Seminar tasks included not only discussion of questions about application of biogas in the Uzbekistan, but also consideration of a complex approaches. At carrying out of business game participants of a seminar offered that it is possible to make, that biogas installations became accessible to any farm, including questions of the state support, financing, standardization, manufacture, training, propagation.   
The given action has allowed to involve in discussion of a problem not only developers, researchers, employees of the ministries and departments, but also users of these installations. The Experience has shown that at introduction of biogas installations would take place much faster if questions of local manufacture and equipment standardization have been solved. A barrier is - absence of qualified personnel and low knowledge of agricultural population.
Participants of a seminar have been informed that similar seminars will be spent within the limits of the Program UNO project - “Support of Uzbekistan in transition to a way of a low-carbon development of national economy”

Written by: J.Panina.