The Industry of beauty on service of mother and a child.

On June, 8th 2011 In the Palace exhibition hall «Navruz» has taken place an exhibition. . It has been devoted to the beauty industry, motherhood and the childhood.
The organizer was Open Company «TNT EXPO». She enters into exhibition subjects «Beauty Expo Uzbekistan», exhibiting the special equipment and modern ways of achievements in the field of hairdresser's art and cosmetology. Also, «TNT EXPO» represents a monthly magazine - "I and my child".
The presented exposition involves with variety themes and possibilities for self-realization. The goods and the services shown on her, focus the modern woman (the daughter, the wife, and mother) on a choice of ecologically pure production created on the basis of natural grasses and minerals. For example, the Indian company «Shrey New Trasuiticals and Herbals. Ltd. », delivers on the market of Uzbekistan ayurvedical preparations without chemistry.
These are preparations on the basis of grasses, honey and other natural components. The company lets out approximately 40 % of production for children, and the age group has no matter.
This year 40 companies from 12 countries of the world take part in an exhibition «Beauty Expo Uzbekistan» 2011,: Greece; Israel; India; Korea; Pakistan; Poland; Russia; Turkey; Uzbekistan; Ukraine; Switzerland and Czech.
Within the limits of an exhibition was presented new to the consumer market of Uzbekistan goods and services, for the purpose of an exchange of experience and development of the international cooperation.
Our domestic factories and the small enterprises making cosmetic means, along with "known" brands for Uzbekistan also accept active participation in an exhibition. They cause production interest not only in visitors, but also at other participants. It visually shows competitiveness of the domestic cosmetology traditionally using manufacturing of the goods natural, natural components.     
Organizers of an exhibition-sale have taken care of that any visitor of an exhibition could not only buy the goods which have liked it, but also to test presented production on individual shipping of components of which it is made.
It would be desirable to note separately participation at an exhibition «Associations of Hairdressers and cosmeticians of Uzbekistan», which has been organized more seven years ago.
The exhibition has been organized for the purpose of association and improvement of professional skill and a degree of master’s service from Khoresm, Kashkadarya and other areas of Uzbekistan.
The association creates the educational centers, beauty institutes, modeling agencies, schools, colleges. Also it develops culture of service and skill of hairdressers and cosmeticians.
Every year there take place competitions for young hairdressers and for cosmeticians, preparing to become masters.
At exhibition has been presented the master class of hairdressers. It has received success and approval of spectators from among buyers of production of company "Arnest". This exposition is not ignored neither professionals in the field of hairdresser's art, nor by ordinary fans of good cosmetics for hair. Each visitor could pick up for itself professional cosmetics.
At the company stand, the star stylist of Uzbekistan, Urunbaev  Sherzod, in a mode non-stop showed the skill in hairdresses. It used styling facilities "Charm Professional" (Russia), accompanying displays by the important councils and comments. Masterly work of Sherzod, the most beautiful models, modern music – all this has transformed an exhibition into fascinating show. It has involved set of visitors.
Minaev M. {jcomments on}