We could see hundreds shining smiles of children...

The child - as a lot of sense conceals in itself this word. For parents children are a sense of their life, the most dear people on the Earth. From the moment of occurrence of the child in any family, all way of life varies. Now, before parents stands big responsibility- it is necessary - to bring up the child and to give it all the best.
In Republic of Uzbekistan is made a huge work on motherhood and childhood protection. The paramount purpose of our state is education of healthy generation. In our country created optimum conditions for development of harmoniously developed person. After all the destiny of the country in many respects depends on young generation.
From August, 10 till August, 12th in Tashkent, in a showroom of Academy of arts, there has begun work 4th International specialised exhibition of the best goods and services for future mums, children and teenagers “Kids Land”.
The subjects of the given exhibition are chosen not casually. Uzbekistan is the most densely populated country in the Central Asia and has a population of 27 million persons. In cities of Uzbekistan, on the average, the quantity of children in a family makes 2-4 children, and in a countryside quantity of children in a family to 6-8 children. In this connection, carrying out of the International specialised exhibition is one of actual events for our region. The exhibition «Kids Land» is a unique specialised children's exhibition in territory of Uzbekistan. Official support to an exhibition is rendered by Tashkent city Hokimiyat, Ministry of National education of Republic of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Health of our country, Public Association of Business women and businessmen, Association of children and families of Uzbekistan support and Association of not state educational institutions.
The exhibition is presented by following sections: a Children's food and drinks, dietetic therapy, vitamins; Medical products for children; Clothes, footwear and accessories for children, future and feeding mothers; Means and the equipment on care of children, including newborns; Toys, games, including training and developing, etc.
The basic participants are not importers, they are - local manufacturers who as a whole make 90 %, and it testifies to increase of a degree of quality of national production.
Participation in an exhibition gives to the companies possibility to show competitiveness and to declare itself in the market of Uzbekistan.
Annual carrying out of the International Specialized Exhibition, undoubtedly, will lead to development of a commodity market and services for children and teenagers.
We could see hundreds shining smiles of children, and this most important thing. For them these days remain in memory as the present holiday. The exhibition will work even two days, and as they say, it is better to see once, than hundred times to read.