Opening the«UZENERGYEXPO-2011» in Tashkent.

On September, 21-23st, 2011 in Tashkent has opened the 6th International specialized exhibition «UzEnergyExpo-2011», an exhibition of an electric equipment for power, energy - and resource-saving technologies, the equipment for an oil and gas complex. Thematically the exhibition includes three basic directions: "Power"; «Energy-saving»; "Electrical engineer".

Considering requirement for working out of the common decisions in the field of an effective utilization of power resources, the exhibition has been added by a direction «the Oil and gas industry».
The given exhibition is aimed at attraction of professionals of leading industries of Uzbekistan: fuel and energy, oil and gas and electro technical. Participants of an exhibition - manufacturers and suppliers of the equipment, technologies and services in the field of power, energy-saving and electrical engineers, and also manufacturers of the oil refining equipment, analytical and instrumentations.
The organizer - IEG Uzbekistan, the Co-organizer - Open Society NVK "UzExspoCenter". The exhibition is spent with assistance and official support:
- The HOOK «Uzbekenergo»;
- Commercial and industrial chamber of Republic of Uzbekistan;
- Institute of power and automatics AN Republic of Uzbekistan.
Under the order of President of our country is prepared the Program of priority development of electric power industry of republic for 2011-2015. The program provides realization of 46 investment projects for a total 5, 425 billion sums. OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY has presented to attention of experts the effective equipment and technologies which will promote the decision of problems facing to a power complex of the country. Among participants of an exhibition the known companies: joint-stock company« Kentausky transformer factory »(Kazakhstan) - the manufacturer of transformers and complete transformer substations, Open Company« Elektrik Kontakt »(Uzbekistan) - the supplier of the electro technical equipment from the European manufacturers, Open Company" ENERGOTEJASH "(Uzbekistan), engaged in introduction of the energy-saving  equipment. Russia is presented at an exhibition by a number of the enterprises. It is pleasant to notice, that the largest enterprises of power branch of Uzbekistan have presented once again production at an exhibition. It is NLP «ELUS» - the manufacturer of the high-voltage equipment for transformer substations, PTP «TASHKENT-TRANS-ENERGO», engaged in manufacture of the low-voltage and high-voltage equipment.

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