The World Tourism Day in Uzbekistan

Everyone, having got tired of every day city vanity wishes to get out of us on small river coast, in mountains, in the field or in other places with which so our Uzbek earth is rich. Those who wish to stay on the nature can visit with pleasure, mountains, steppe, desert or lakes with the unique flora and fauna. It is necessary to underline, that tourism is especially actual for Uzbekistan as cultural-informative tourism is the basic tourist product of the country. In country territory there is a significant amount of historical, archaeological, architectural and natural objects. Presence of a unique and cultural heritage, various kinds of arts and traditional crafts, features of mentality of the people, its folklore, a delicatessen and many other things, involve the basic streams of foreign tourists to Uzbekistan. The special attention deserves that fact that in Uzbekistan develops the ecological tourism.
The tourist sphere of Uzbekistan develops by the accelerated rates - architectural monuments are reconstructed, the travel companies providing routes convenient for tourists, created private hotels, where service at level of the world standards. The Republic of Uzbekistan confidently leaves on the world tourist industry.  
Today on September, 27th, in Uzbekistan is widely celebrated the World day of Tourism. In Association of the tourist organizations of Uzbekistan, this day at the Tashkent state economic university there will pass tourism festival, and in the evening of the same day «Uzbektourism» will note the deserved workers of the domestic industry of hospitality of travel and rest.
Within the limits of festival of the tourism spent at the initiative of faculty of international tourism, is planned carrying out of press conference and the solemn meeting devoted to celebrating The World Tourism Day in Uzbekistan,competition of presentations «Tourism of Uzbekistan for 20 years of independence» and rewarding ceremony on different nominations, fact-finding round on historical and cultural «to the Museum open-air», located on territory Economical University.
Celebratory atmosphere will be added with performances of musical collectives, actors of theatre of a national suit, an exhibition of dishes of an Uzbek cuisine and products of handicraftsmen.
According to organizers, carrying out of festival becomes one of examples of youth projects and educational programs in this sphere, will strengthen links of tourist industry and system of tourist formation, will underline a role of domestic sector of tourism and its contribution to a national economy.
I can add, the World Tourism Day has been founded in 1979 on third General assembly UNWTO in the Spanish city of Torremolinos, and since 1980 of celebrating began to be spent annually under different mottoes.
This year official celebrating WTD will pass under the motto «Tourism unites cultures» in the Egyptian city of Aswan, and in 2010 this day was marked in China under the motto «Tourism and a biodiversity».
Primary goal of WDT which is marked since 1980, is attraction of attention of world community to tourism, as to the important element of a social, cultural, political and economic life of a modern society.
Organizers invite all wishing to take part in festival of tourism and to promote tourism development in our country.
Russian article written by : R.Ibragimov {jcomments on}