Eco-energy will help the village

Energy consumption is an indispensable condition of human existence. The Republic of Uzbekistan possesses large reserves of fuel raw materials, but one should remember that they are nonrenewable and may be exhausted in the long run. So far, they need to be used carefully and efficiently. Alternatively, we should develop the alternative production of power (wind, solar and etc.). The Republic has the great capacity of using renewable energy sources and further development of the alternative production of power. Introduction of practical application of the renewable energy sources (RES) in the rural area is especially important, it will help to raise  living standards in the remote areas. There are many possibilities now. We already have at our disposal a great choice of using various technologies of solar wind and biomass energies. 

Taking into consideration the current world economic crisis, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan worked out the Anti-crisis Program providing the set of crisis overcoming measures. This Program ensures the introduction and broad usage of RES in the country. In this area the work has been done on the development of renewable energy; it aims at making  favorable conditions for the functioning of the power branch. Broad introduction  of the RES will not only allow taking up the position of the energy independent state, but also  reducing greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere, as well as  keeping safe hydrocarbon mineral resources.
The Scientific-Introduction Centre “ECO- ENERGIA” attached to the State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2005, actively continues to introduce and duplicate new technologies in the field of the RES. The Centre is engaged in the searches and introduction in practice use of the resources of renewable energy sources with the purpose of environment protection and saving of mineral fuel resources. 
The Centre has rich experience in projecting and building of plants for the renewable energy sources such as power of the sun, biomass, small water flows and wind. Annualy, the Centre puts into operation tens of the RES plants. For example, photoelectric solar  stations were set up by the Centre’s staff in the Navoi, Khorezm, and Kashkadaria Provinces in October 2009. Four solar electric power stations for cattle-breeders and fish-breeders were set up in the Tamdinsky, Konimekhsky, and Nuratinsky districts of the Navoi Province. Solar power is used for different purposes - desalination, drying and cooling. It helps to receive electric power, heat and hot water, that raise the efficiency of cattle and fish breeding production. With the electric power the rural workers  got the uninterrupted access to mass media information (TV, radio). Solar power station appeared in the Bogotsky district of the Khorezm Province. In the Kashkadаria Province, a sola power station was also installed for a farming entity. The Scientific-Introduction Centre “ECO - ENERGIA” set up solar photoelectric   stations at the village health care points and other medical facilities of the Termez district of the Surkhandaria Province, at the Kamashinsky and Chirakchinsky districts of the Kashkadaria Province, at the Izbazkansky district of the Andijan Province, at the Jumbaysky district of the Samarkand Province and at the Uchkurgan district of the Namangan Province. Strengthening of the material and technical base and power supply of the medical and preventive treatment institutions accompanied by the simultaneous raising of medical workers qualification provide the possibility to improve the quality of health services.
The Scientific – Introduction “ECO - ENERGIA” Centre’s activity demonstrates the possibilities of alternative power engineering, the  expediency of its usage in the regions distant and almost inaccessible for  traditional power engineering.
Compared with the traditional energetic, the renewable power engineering can serve the individual users. It is possible to install  photoelectric solar stations on every roof and every building. Biogas can be received at every farm. The above-said means that instead of operating an enormous energetic system serving millions and million of people; it is possible to use millions of power generation facilities working for the benefit of the millions and millions of people. And this is the choice of the future.

O. Kis {jcomments on}