A new section devoted to RES

THE ECOLOGICAL MOVEMENT OF UZBEKISTAN is called to unite the citizens of our country wishing to take an active part in the protection of the environment and human health. The Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan was founded on 2 August 2008 and registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 20 September 2008.
The Eco-movement strives to mobilize all public forces for further deepening of the reforms carried out in our country. These reforms aim at the realization and strict observance of the rights of the present and next generations of Uzbekistan citizens to live in the friendly environment; at safety and efficient usage of the whole complex of natural resources.
Active introduction and use of the renewable energy sources is one of the factors of saving healthy natural environment.
The term renewable energy sources (RES) includes the following kinds of energy: solar, geothermal and wind energies; the energy of the sea waves, streams, tides and oceans; the energy of the biomass, hydro-energy, low-potential thermal energy and other ‘new’ kinds of renewable energy. Since the Eco-movement establishment, the wide-scale information campaign in mass media has been held by means of different meeting, actions, competitions and other events.
The Eco-movement is promoting the idea of introduction of ecologically ‘clean’ and safe energy-saving technologies into all branches of country’s economy. That is why appearance of the special section devoted to RES on the Eco-movement site - eco.uz - was not accidental at all.
Visitors of the above-said resource can find cognitive information on the following topics:
Wind Energetics
Hydrogen Energetics
Geothermal Energetics
Hydro-power engineering
Energy accumulation
Efficient use of energy
Solar Energetics
Solar Energetics - a solar house
Ecology and energy-saving
Energy-saving houses
Energy-saving transport

The Eco-movement program attaches significant importance to the problems of application of ecologically ‘clean’ and safe water, resource and energy-saving technologies, and to a gradual transition to renewable energy sources.   
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