‘Solar’ Projects from ADB

    Within the framework of the Asian Initiative on Solar Energy the Asian Development Bank (ADB) planes to implement the project aimed at generation of 3000MW of solar energy during next three years. It was announced at the press-conference within the framework of 43th annual session of ADB Board of Governors that is held in Tashkent.
    As Radjat Nag, the Executive General Director of ADB noted, according to prognosis of specialists the demand for energy suppliers will increase by almost two times in the Asian-Pacific region. “Acute necessity of investments into innovative methods of energy production and, in the same time, reduction of green house gas discharges exists today. Creation of proper stimuli and financing mechanisms in future will make possible generation of clean energy from sustainable solar energy” – the expert said.
    The Asian Solar Energy Initiative (ASEI) is aimed on identification and development of  large projects on solar energy, that can generate about 3000MW of solar energy by 2012. ADB will provide $2.25 milliard for implementation of this initiative and on the whole, $ 6.75 milliard of ‘solar’ investments is planned to be attracted before the end of the period.
    ASEI will implement a number of projects, finance and develope mechanisms of information exchange on them for involvement of commercial banks and private sector in investment into these projects. Besides that, attraction of $500 million from countries-donors as investments into solar energy and into development of other innovative methods of attraction of private sector investments will become the goal of ASEI.
    Mister Nag noted the importance of ASEI launch for  Central Asia. “ Taking into consideration increasing demand for electric power in Central Asia, presence of deserted lands, that allow carring out large-scale utilization of solar energy and commitment of the countries of the region to compensate high level of carbon discharges, these countries can become good partners in assistance to ADB within the framework of this initiative’ – Radjat Nag said.
    The Asian Initiative on Solar Energy is going to organize the Forum of solar energetics – the international platform for exchange of knowledge that will watch development of projects on solar energy, discuss new suggestions on introduction of solar energy, and organize large conference. The first conference of the Forum of solar energy is planned to be held in Manila (Philippines) on 5-6 July.
    Assistance to presence and use of ecologically clean energy sources is one of the top priorities of ADB. In last year ADB provided about $1.3 milliard for projects with the components of clean energy that exceeds its target amount of $1milliard two years in succession. From 2013 this target amount will be increased to $2 milliard in year.

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