Uzbekistan Aimed at Cheap Energy

Recently the alternative sources of energy have been becoming more and more popular all over the world. It is concerned with the fact, that hydrocarbon raw materials can finish, because its natural supply is limited. Today experts of the whole world unanimously declare that alternative energetics is our future as its resources are practically inexhaustible. Energy generated in such a way is considerable cheaper and production of alternative energy does not influence negatively on the environment.
    Therefore, Uzbekistan today aims at sustainable development of renewable energy sources. Introduction of innovative projects and solutions will provide stable development of any country’s economy, bring it to the new level, that is so important in the post-crisis period of development.
    The site: htpp:// reports, that at present the National Holding Company ‘Uzbekneftegaz’ is considering at once a number of projects on diversification of energy resources production.
    As Asad Yusupkhodjaev, the Head of the Main Department of Foreign Economic  Relations and Attraction of Investments of the ‘Uzbekneftegaz’ company said, now developments for generation of energy by nontraditional alternative methods are carrying out. Oil shale, potential supply of which exceeds 40 milliard tons, is one of  such energy resources in Uzbekistan.
    “As we know from different sources including newspapers, USA implemented gas production breakthrough in 2007-2008. They outrun the Russian Federation, one of the world leaders in gas production. This result was achieved owing to development of alternative sources, in particularly, production of gas from oil shale. During that period over 40 milliards of cubic meters of gas was produced in America. It made USA the country number one in the field of gas production. We also have such perspective. So far there are the new technologies that allow extracting from oil shale both liquid hydrocarbon – petrol and diesel fraction and power gas, using which allow producing electric power and other energy resources. Today all this is included in the common program of the ‘Uzbekneftegaz’ on deep processing of raw materials, supply of which is in Uzbekistan. I think we shall  witness new energy projects in the territory of our country in near future’ – the expert said.

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