Problems of Сlean Development are Discussed

   The problems of ecological safety in the branch development are discussed within the framework of the International Oil and Gas Conference that has opened in Tashkent today.
    The conference will last for two days and it is devoted to the topic ‘Investments and Innovations into the Oil and Gas Sector of the Uzbekistan Economy’.
    This conference is held with the assistance of the National Holding Company ‘Uzbekneftegaz’. The general sponsor of this event is the INOGATE (Inter State Oil and Gas Transport to Europe) project ‘Strengthening of the measures on Environment Protection in Oil and Gas Industry of the Center Asian Countries’ that is being implemented under the patronage of the European Union.
    The goal of the conference is the assistance to introduction of innovations, discussion of the newest solutions and international exchange of the practical experience in raising of effectiveness, efficiency and safety of productions, resolution of actual problems of reconstruction and modernization of oil and gas branch enterprises.
   The participants have presented information on innovative solutions of leading domestic and foreign companies. It was particularly remarked, that the problems of global climate change require serious solutions today. The sustainable development of alternative energy sources was proposed as one of  answers for the resolution of the problem. Especially as the traditional energy resources are limited and their extraction is more costly.
    Rupert Joy, the ambassador of the Great Britain in Uzbekistan has remarked that after the Copenhagen meeting, the Great Britain has developed the strategy of struggle against climate change. Renewably energy occupies the main place in this strategy. England planes to reduce discharges of green house gas to 50% by 2025, owing to use of offshore winds for energy generation.
    ‘Uzbekistan has the capacity in development of alternative energy sources by four times exceeding compared with other countries. So Uzbekistan is of great interest for Great Britain and we shall develop our cooperation in this area’- the English ambassador said.
    Over 500 delegates from 28 countries will take part in this conference. NHC ‘Uzbekneftegaz’ heads the delegation of Uzbekistan. Delegates representing  the Institute of Energetics and Automation of the Academy of Science of Uzbekistan,  the JSC ‘Uzneftegazdobicha’, the ‘UzLITIneftgaz’, the JSC ‘Uznefteprodukt’, the SE(state enterprise) ‘NII MP’ under the Committee of Geology of Uzbekistan, USC(unitary subsidiary enterprise) ‘Shuratanski Gas-Chemical Complex’, the OJSC ‘Zavod Uzbekhimmash’ and many others are the members of  the Uzbekistan delegation.
    Besides that, the problems of state assistance, new strategy for business, investments into oil and gas sector of Uzbekistan in background of global economical change will be discussed during the conference. Within the framework of this event, technologies, resolutions and equipment reviews of companies from Uzbekistan, Russia, USA, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, France, Great Britain and other countries will be presented.
    Outcomes of this conference will assist to introduction of new progressive technologies and equipment, provision of safety and rising of effectiveness and ecological cleanness of different enterprises of oil and gas, chemical branches.
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