The International Forum on the Problems of Energy Efficiency Took Place in Astana

    The International Forum devoted to the problems of energy efficiency and renewable energetics took place in the Astana city, Kazakhstan, on 28-30 September 2010. The Forum was held simultaneously with the UNO Ministerial Conference on Environment and Development of the Asian-Pacific Region. Such agencies and organizations of the UNO system like the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) organized this Forum.
    The Forum gathered representatives of the countries of Central Asia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), experts in the field of environment and energy. The specialist in climate change and the manager of the project on energy efficiency in buildings represented the United Nations Development Program in Uzbekistan. They received the opportunity to take part in several plenary sessions, share the experience with colleagues and present the information on the activity and achievements of the project.
    The problems of the assessment of the national strategies and legislative bases in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energetics were discussed at the Forum; the best international experience in these areas was also analyzed. The status and capacity of the use of energy efficient resolutions in different branches of economy such as industry, fuel energetics, housing sector and utility services, public buildings and also transport and infrastructure were presented. Especial attention was attached to the problems of energy efficiency in housing and municipal sectors that are the largest sources of greenhouse gases discharges. That is why it has the largest capacity for raising the efficiency of energy consumption. The problems of research of the methods and means of investment financing in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energetics became the main topic of the Forum.
    During the plenary sessions the presentations of the representatives of state ministries and departments of the countries participants of ECE and ESCAP, the representatives of UNO and other international organizations, financial institutions, private sector and experts in the field of energy efficiency were made. Two seminars were held on the second day of the Forum: on investment of the projects on energy efficiency and renewable energetics and also the seminar on ‘green’ buildings. The seminar on ‘green’ buildings was jointly organized by UNDP, the Global Ecological Fund and the UNEP Initiative on stable business and planning. Experts, the representatives of political circles, international organizations and private sector from the countries of Central Asia and Pacific region and also CIS, Central and Eastern Europe were the participants of the seminar. The seminar provided the unique platform for exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of strategies, technologies and know-how for construction of buildings. The capacity of buildings in the field of energy efficiency, mitigation of negative consequence of climate change and encouragement of ‘green’ development was particularly highlighted.
   Economically efficient national strategies and support, rendered to the governments from different UNO programs and initiatives were also considered at the seminar. Concrete examples of the projects on energy efficient buildings, including the project ‘Raising of Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings in Uzbekistan’ were presented there. The seminar collected concrete recommendations for efficient use of considerable economic and ecological capacity of this sector.
    The joint project of UNDP/GEF and the State Committee on Architecture and Construction of Uzbekistan on energy efficiency in buildings was launched in the end of 2009. The goal of the project is to reduce energy consumption and corresponded discharges of greenhouse gases in the social buildings, in particular in the field of education and health care. The project is unique for Uzbekistan and included in the network of similar projects implemented through the CIS countries.
    Rano Baykhanova, the specialist in climate change of UNDP in Uzbekistan remarked: “This event had the world importance and gave the unique opportunity to know about the experience of other countries in the overcoming of hindrances on the way to the achieving energy efficiency. As in Uzbekistan the project has comparatively recently started, the participation in such events aimed at exchange of experience and knowledge with neighbouring countries is very important for us”.
    During the seminar on energy efficiency in buildings, Kakhramon Usmanov, the manager of the project implemented in Uzbekistan, conducted lively and interesting discussion on the problems of relative low price of traditional energy carriers that is to barrier to raising of energy efficiency. This problem is actual for most of the countries of Central Asia and some countries of CIS. Therefore the conversation on this topic and exchange of experience and ideas raised the interest of the participants of the round table talk.
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Prepared by R.Ibragimov
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