The First German-Uzbek Energy Forum

   These days the German-Uzbek energy forum is being held within the framework of the comprehensive program ‘German Weeks’. It includes the symposium that began its work on 3 November and also a number of practical seminars devoted to the renewable energy sources and particularly to novelties of solar energetics. Energy is important element of the relations between Germany and Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan has the large capacity in solar energy. Researches and works in this area started in the sixties of the past century.   Germany is pioneer in this area, investing many resources into the development of perspective energetic branch of the future. German enterprises are leaders in development and production of solar batteries, wind power stations and etc.
    The goal of the symposium, organized by the German Embassy, is to gather together scientists and businessmen of both countries within the framework of discussions in front of audience and practical seminars and thus to discuss what opportunities of use of energy renewable sources are there in Uzbekistan. Besides that, the capacity for more efficient treatment of national resources and opportunities of coordination between Germany and Uzbekistan in the field of renewable energy sources should be considered.
    Within the framework of the scientific symposium the reports of German and Uzbek specialists and experts were presented. Kyrgyz colleagues presented their developments. The presentations of German practices raised big interest. For example, Doctor Peter Frey in his presentation acquainted the participants of the seminar with the German experience of solar energy branch development. Speaker remarked that there was separate state program in Germany where everyone who wants can invest his own funds in development of technologies and within 20 years receive the return as payment. If we consider that photovoltaic energetics is booming, this is very beneficial investment. In fact this branch is very young; researches and practical developments have been carried out for only 5 years. The works are actively implemented in two areas – cost effectiveness of solar energetics and increasing of its efficiency. We  should achieve the level of general consumption of solar energy in the country in the ten years.  
    Marcus Ek, the second employee of the German Society for Air and Space Flights  DRL presented the interesting know-how in solar energetics. Silicon is the main technical material for modern and perspective solar technologies. Marcus Ek presented several kinds of solar energy production with the help of solar collector plant and parabolical tower.  The results of test of these plants are satisfactory, but photovoltaic systems are very expensive and modern researches are aimed at reduction of prices of their production with simultaneous increase of the efficiency.
    The second part of the energy forum will have practical character. Tomorrow the trip to Parkent with the purpose of visiting the object NPO ‘Fizika Solntsa’ (Solar physics) is expected. This object strikes by its scale and unique researches in the field of material sciences that Uzbek scientists and specialists implement there. May be the basis of nanotechnologies development will be discussed there and new perspective directions in the field of solar technologies will appear.

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