New Approaches to Energy Resources Saving

   The main goal of the energy policy of our country is the complete reliable provision of all branches of economy and population with  energy carriers, taking into account the ecological requirements and maximum efficient use of fuel and energy resources.
    So far, the provision of required indexes of energy safety, creation and mass introduction of energy efficient technologies become compulsory conditions of sustainable development of the Uzbekistan economy.
    Broadening of information campaigns continues simultaneously with acceleration of introduction of energy renewable sources that has been noticed all over the world. Along with this, telecommunications take the special place. They have great capacity for energy saving and carrying out of information campaigns. So it is possible to achieve considerable saving of energy resources by changing the physically and morally obsolete technical facilities and technologies, and the psychology of energy consumption. As a result, this will improve the financial state of companies.
    Following the resolution of the Supervisory Council of the stock company ‘Uzbektelekom’, the training seminar on the ‘Resources Saving on the Objects of Telecommunications’ was opened at the Center of Business and Personnel Development on 23 November. The regional and province representatives of SC ‘Uzbektelecome’ were its participants. The representatives of the State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the State Stock Company ‘Uzbekenergo’, the Institute of Energetics and Automatics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the production enterprise ‘Mirsolar’ and other made presentations for  all participants.
   Ergash Allaev, the director of the Center of Business and Personnel Development opened the training seminar. He briefly explained the goals and tasks, defined the skills  that the participants should master for the successful resolution of set up tasks.
    Acrom Mirzabekov, the head of production enterprise ‘Mirsolar’ continued the work of the seminar. He shared  the problems of energy consumption and energy saving in the world and in our country with the participants of the seminar. He spoke also about different sources of renewable energy in Uzbekistan, highlighted the work of the production enterprise ‘Mirsolar’ in this area.
    The presentation of Akrom Mirzabekov caused many questions, proposals and wishes.
    The training seminar will continue its work till 25 November.
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