Renewed energy sources in Uzbekistan.

Today all over the world the energy consumption and together with it its cost has increase and so on in our country. And for this reason every day more and more grows interest to the no conventional, ecologically pure energy sources - to a wind, the sun, and water. The ecological publishing company “Chinor ENK” throughout several years prosecutes subjects of renewed energy sources, traces the information as abroad, and in our country, annually prepares magazine special issues « the Ecological Herald» on the given subjects. Also successfully functions the special site devoted to introduction of renewed energy sources -
The action has taken place organized by Ecological movement of Uzbekistan and deputy group of Ecomovement, together with fraction "Adolat". Joint session has passed on a theme: «Use of renewed energy sources: the international experience and the advanced practice».
In session have taken part Deputies and workers of the device of Legislative chamber of Oliy Mazhlis, active workers and experts of Ecological movement, representatives of "Adolat", the Ministries of Economics, foreign economic relations, Republic Uzbekistan public health services, «Uzbekenergo», Associations «Uzeltechsanoat», Agencies "Uzcommunhizmat", and also representatives of not state noncommercial organizations.
On action have been mentioned the major aspects on use of renewed energy sources in Uzbekistan. For example, has been presented the report on a theme: “the forecast and potential RES in Uzbekistan”. In this report it was visually shown, what resources have possesses our country and how it is planned to use them further. Also was considered the question on modern experience of manufacture RES and ecological advantages of their use.
High enough interest has caused the report on a theme: “Renewed sources of fuel and presentation of the enterprises of Association on technologies without waste”. The head of this Association has noted the most topical problems concerning our country, a problem of exhaust gases, and importance of cars transition on natural gas, because of gas stocks in 8 times exceed oil stocks. And thanks to natural gas volumes of emissions of the fulfilled gases has decrease. The lecturer has noted importance of use of technology of "zero emissions” CO2, their prospects. During this session have been considered the legal bases of a RES, their use and world experience also.
As it has been mentioned, in a number of the countries were accepted programs of development of use of renewed energy sources. For example, in Germany by 2050 is planned finishing of a share of renewed energy sources to 50 % in the general power balance of the country.
To the end of action to participants was presented possibility to express the opinion and to make certain offers.
Let's hope, that involving of renewed energy sources in the general power balance of our country will serve preservation for the long period of power independence, to power supply improvement, especially in countryside and in kept away places, to reduction of emissions of harmful gases and stable development of the country .J.Panina.