Perspectives for development of renewable sources of energy in Uzbekistan

More than 300 sunny days every year in Uzbekistan, mountain rivers usable for generation of energy with low expenses, great climate – this amazing natural potential can make a fantastic good for the country, especially with a proper use of renewable energy sources. Popularity of the so-called “green” energetics grows very fast all over the world.
Uzbekistan possesses reserves of hydrocarbons and natural gas, but they aren’t renewable sources of energy. That’s why one of the essential tasks not only for energetics, but for economics of Central Asia region as well is to realize a constructive and efficient use of the possessed potential and draw renewable sources of energy into energy balance.
Many experts and specialists think Uzbekistan possesses a huge potential for implementing of alternative sources of energy and because of that fact government of Uzbekistan pays great attention to that problem last years. Measures are taken in order to increase the awareness of scientists, specialists and population. Idea of alternative sources of energy is backboned by state mass media and becomes more and more popular.
A seminar dedicated to the problem of renewable sources of energy was organized in Uzbekistan on 28 of June 2012. The topic was “Perspectives for development of renewable sources of energy in Uzbekistan”. Coordinator of OSCE projects in Uzbekistan organized debates on development of bill concerning renewable energy. Project of the bill was developed by group of parliamentarians from Olij Majlis of Uzbekistan.
Coordinator of OSCE projects in Uzbekistan, ambassador, Dierd Sabo in his speech noted efforts of our republic in implementation of renewable sources of energy. He emphasized the importance of sharing experience between scientific institutions, companies and non-governmental organizations in OSCE region.
“Nowadays renewable sources of energy present only 1 percent of total energy consuming. Within this project we want to share the 40 years experience of OSCE member countries and make our deposit to environmental protection”, - he said.
“Investment in renewable sources of energy must as well improve national business sphere by means of creating new jobs and vacancies. The increase of manufacture and use of renewable sources of energy can greatly improve situation in distant regions of Uzbekistan”, - pointed Mr. Sabo.
Important fact is that seminar was preceded by practical course of education for farmers which was held from 25 to 27 of June in Jizak district, Uzbekistan. Educational course, organized by Coordinator of OSCE projects in Uzbekistan in partnership with Ecological movement of Uzbekistan, Farmer Association of Uzbekistan and Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV), was focused on practical methods of producing small-scale wind, solar and biogas energy. Technologies were demonstrated in action at distant farm in arid zone: participants were connected to internet with the help of computers working on solar energy and they saw how agricultural possibilities can extend with the use of renewable sources of energy when specialists demonstrated the wind-force irrigation system.
One of the most interesting speeches of event was the speech of our partners from Israel. Israel is a world leader in development of renewable sources of energy. Israel is one of the countries promoting the development of electro-mobiles with zero emission of CO2. Delegation told in detail about Israel’s experience in bio-energetics and shared their view on economics based on solar energy. The speech aroused a sincere interest among participants of seminar.
Events of that kind always prove to make a positive effect on further activities and development. Energy is one of the essential parts of modern life and it will become even more important in future, so we should start thinking about tomorrow yet. {jcomments on}