Seven technologies of the future that will serve to economize energy

Sometimes it is hard for us to apply any changes. However, technologies develop in extreme tempo today and we must follow the rhythm. Some of the ongoing technological changes will not only change the ways of consuming energy, but become an important part of our lives.
1. Sonic water cleaner
CO2 connections get cleaned when water molecules are hit by ultrasonic wave. Sonic water cleaner uses this phenomenon and we must admit that gives a new dimension to the process of cleaning.
2. Geothermal pumps
Gathering and use of the Earth’s thermal energy for heating and cooling of buildings becomes more and more popular.
3. Wind generator
Wind is accessible in a great quantity and can be used without any harm to nature. The only limiting factor is a necessity of very strong wind to make generator work. Nowadays researchers are eager to build a wind generator that would work even with a weak wind.
4. Solar innovations
The word “solar” became pretty popular lately. There are solar cooking, solar architecture, solar heating and who knows what else tomorrow will bring. Solar energy received by means solar panels is used for various needs.
5. Frozen steam
Frozen steam made quite a noise in scientific community. The use of frozen steam is limited nowadays due to lack of researches and knowledge concerning this phenomenon.  
6. Hybrid water heaters
Hybrid water heaters use technologies aimed to optimize the efficiency of the water heating.
7. Hydrogen fuel elements
Hydrogen fuel elements convert hydrogen into electricity. Hydrogen is not a source of energy, though it bears an energy. The use of hydrogen is another step to environmental protection. {jcomments on}