Blood system of economy

Possessing large and significant industrial and scientific and technical capacity, energetics of Uzbekistan influences greatly on the economy of the country. The energetic industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan is dynamically developing. Implementing the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan ‘On the program of measures for implementation of the most important projects on the modernization, technical and technological requirement of industry on 2009-2014’, the state joint-stock company ‘(SJSC) Uzbekenergo’ is carrying out a number of investment projects on modernization and reconstruction of existing electric power stations, power networks, improvement of electric energy metering system and construction of new generating capacity including introduction of renewable energy sources.

Consistent implementation of energy-saving policy, which envisages introduction of the latest technologies into production of energy and efficient use of existing energy sources will allow significantly improving technical and economic indicators of the country’s economy.

Strengthening of alternative energetics creates the basis and assists implementation of effective energetic policy of the Republic, which is based on the powers supply system, resting upon different energy sources.

At that the coverage of raising demand of economy in energy, strengthening of energetic safety of the country as well as raising of the effectiveness of using fuel and energy resources remain the primary goals.

Close cooperation of specialists in energetics and electro-technical branch of industry, strengthening of relations of producers and supplies of equipment, mastering of modern technological and services, joining of efforts of scientists, employees of research institutes and industrialists are necessary for successful development of energetic branch. With this purpose different exhibitions are held. On 16 March the 5th International Specialized Exhibition ‘Uzenergyexpo-2010’ with sections ‘Energetics’, ‘ RES. Energy saving’ and ‘Electrical Engineering’ was opened. Holding of such exhibitions assists development of the branch, allows discussing the current problems, exchanging experience, demonstrating the latest technological developments and equipment. The International Exhibition is held with assistance and official support of the SJSC ‘Usbekenergo’, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Institute of Energetics and Automatics of the Academy of Science and Agency for Transfer of Technologies. The layouts of ‘Kharkovenergopribor’ Ltd (the Ukraine), production and industrial enterprise (RIE) ‘Tashkent Trans Energo’, ‘Mir Solar’Ltd (Uzbekistan), ‘Bae batterian’ (Germany), ‘Cvetlit”(Belorussia), ‘Omicron Electronics GmbH’ (Austria) and other are the most interesting among the participants of the International Exhibition.

The Exhibition strikes visitors by great diversity of technologies and services, technics and equipment. We hope that the results of the International Exhibition ‘Uzenergyexpi-2010’ will give new positive impulse to the development of branch and render assistance to attraction of investments and advanced technologies to the production of energy and strengthening  of business mutually beneficial cooperation.


R.Ibragimov {jcomments on}