‘Without Light”

The World Bank report with capacious and threatening title ‘Without light’ on possible energy crisis in the Central Asia countries, necessary reforms and measures for reduction of discharges and adaption in the energy sector has been issued. This report is a part of the series of researches of Europe and Central Asia region, according to the classification of the World Bank. Previous reports were devoted to the situations with poverty, employment, trade, migration, demography and growth of productive forces.

Developing economies of Europe and Central Asia, i.e.  the countries of the region of the Central Asia and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) are the most important suppliers of energy resources for both Eastern and Western Europe countries. Nevertheless, the perspectives of development of supply of both primary and secondary energy resources are now questionable. The real perspective of considerable reduction of supplies during the two nearest decades has been emerged.

The analysis of development perspective of production and consumption of energy resources in this region and countries’ investment need assessment are carried out in this report. This issue can provide the information on possible ecological problems concerned with provision of future needs in energy resources including the problems caused by climate change. The report not only states, but also recommends practical actions that should be made to create attractive environment for investments in cleaner energetics. Encouragement of regional cooperation for construction  of more rational  energetics and struggle against climate change is one of the most important goals of the World Bank in the European and Central Asia countries.


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