Studding Israeli Innovation Technologies

  Extensive development of agriculture envisages broad use of advanced technologies and technics, sparing land treatment, sowing of high productive, salt resistant and drought-resisting varieties of vegetables, cereal crops and horticultural crops.
    Uzbekistan always strives to apply the experience of the developed states, advanced in agriculture. At present the Association of Farming Entities jointly with the Representative Office of OSCE are successfully implementing the project ‘Farming Development’ in Uzbekistan. The training seminar ‘Innovative Technologies in Plant-growing’ was opened at the Association of Farming Entities of Uzbekistan on 25 October. Farmers from different provinces and regions of the country, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan participated in this seminar. It was organized by the Association of Farming Entities of Uzbekistan, the Representatives Office of OSCE in Uzbekistan and the Center of International Cooperation ‘Mashav’ of the State of Israel. Specialists in agriculture from the Institute of Plant-growing and the Ministry of Agriculture of the State of Israel were specially delegated for carrying out of the training seminar. You may ask, why from Israel. Because the climatic conditions of Uzbekistan are similar with the climatic conditions of Israel. These are: shortage of water, dry climate, almost the same cultures (cotton, wheat and potatoes). That is why it was very interesting for the farmers of Uzbekistan to know how it is possible to achieve high and stable crops of the cultures. The specialists acquainted the participants of the training seminar with the structure of Israeli agriculture, the newest technologies and technics of treatment of crops and the methods of growing and collection of vegetables and fruits, saving of water resources owing to application of drop irrigation, kinds of greenhouses used in Israel. General information on technics and technology of plants protection, struggle against pests and diseases in plant-growing, the requirements of consumer market to the quality of agriculture products also raised the interest of the farmers.
    Besides that, the achievements of the Israeli farmers in cattle-breeding were demonstrated to the participants of the seminar. The results of the activity are impressive. Only owing to the computerization of cattle-breeding complex, balanced diet the high yield of milk up to 11 thousands liters of milk per year with high fat content has been achieved. Israeli cattle-breeders produce not only milk, but also such products as curds, cheese and cultured-milk products. Israeli farmers produce agriculture products for both domestic and foreign markets, Export of agricultural products makes up about 1.5 billion of USD. It means that the quality of agricultural products meets the world standards. Our farmers appeared to learn much from their Israeli colleagues. The newest technologies and technics used by them can be also successfully used in our country. That will allow receiving high yield of cultures. The fact, that the Israeli specialists willingly shared their scientific and practical achievements pleased the participants of the seminar. There were a lot of questions, but the farmers received full answers to all of them.
    The training seminar ‘Innovative Technologies in Plant-growing’ will continue its work till 1 November and then the same seminar will be held in the Andijan province.

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