Display of the Advanced Agricultural Technologies

   Provision of Uzbekistan with innovative technologies in the field of production of food-stuffs has especially great importance. Agricultural production, food and processing industry play the specific role in the implementation of the task of provision of country’s population with food. It is the vitally important area of the agricultural complex of Uzbekistan.
    Organization and holding of different exhibitions, seminars and conferences take significant place in the modernization of agricultural production. The 6th International Exhibition ‘Uzagroexpo–2010’ was opened in Tashkent on 23 November. As the practice has shown, the exhibitions of “Uzagroexpo’ assist to appearance of broad range of new kinds of food-stuffs on the consumer’s market, exchange of experience, technologies and progressive ideas, development of international cooperation and deepening of economic integration of the producers.
    Particularly speaking, the International Exhibition ‘Uzagroexpo-2010’ is the great event in the agrarian sector of Uzbekistan, because innovative technologies of world producers are demonstrated and business contacts for perspective are established just during the forum.
    The exhibition was organized with the official support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Foreign Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Association of Farming Entities of Uzbekistan, the Association of Oil and Fat and Food Industry, the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Uzbekistan and the OJSC NVK (National Exhibition Complex) ‘Uzexpocenter’. Over 40 companies, firms and organizations from different countries take part in the 6th International Exhibition ‘Uzagroexpo-2010’. Such companies as CLAAS, AMASONEWERKE, KRONE, BENLICH, LEMKEN (Germany), GIDROSILA (Ukraine), ARNTEN Ltd (Russia), ‘TOSHKENT-PARRANDA’ Ltd and ‘ASTRACHEM-TASHKENT’ Ltd are among the participants of the exhibition.
     The exhibition is rich with various productions and colourfully decorated. The stand of the ‘GLOBAL FISHING TECHNOLOGY’ company has attracted our attention. Its production impress: it is possible to breed the sturgeon in our conditions.
    The sturgeon enters into one of the oldest groups of currently living vertebrates. They are often called fossilized animals. Unfortunately, today sturgeons are on the verge of extinction because of the active human impact on environment and predatory extirpation of sturgeons for the sake of black caviar and dainty meat.
    The first sturgeons breeding farms were established in France, Italy and USA about 15 years ago. Today they are in 20 countries. It is necessary to note, that surgeons live only in ecologically clean water bodies. It determines high ecological standards of meat, its taste qualities and usefulness for human health. In 2010 the ‘GLOBAL FISHING TECHNOLOGY’ company successfully arranged sturgeons fish breeding in Uzbekistan for the first time.
    This exhibition visually evidences that we can produce ecologically clean agricultural products.
    The 6th International Exhibition ‘Uzagroexpo-2010’ will continue its work till 25 November.

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