Attention to Drop Irrigation

The collective of the farming entity ‘Bunyod Nodirjon Hamkor” of the Gulistan district of the Sirdarya province and dwellers of kishlak (village) ‘Mevazor’ gathered at the greenhouse of the farming entity.
Opening the meeting, B.Abdugafurov, the first deputy khokim (mayor) of the Gulistan district said that the contractor ‘ANA FOOD MACHINERY’ had finished assembly work and launched new for this entity, profitable, ecologically clean method of drop irrigation. The commission highly assessed it.
E.Abdullaev, the head of the contractor ‘ANA FOOD MACHINERY’ congratulated the collective of the farming entity with experimental innovation in the field of ecologically friendly production with the sponsor assistance of the International Public Fund ‘ECOSAN’ in the amount of 55 million soums.

N.Alibekova, the head of the farming entity ‘Bunyod Nodirjon Hamkor’ thanked the sponsor of this action – the International Public Fund ‘ECOSAN’ and expressed her opinion, that the entity would increase productivity of vegetables and double the provision of dwellers of kishlak ‘Mevzor’ and partially the population of the district by means of drop irrigation in next year. This production will be ecologically pure and help to improve both wellbeing and health of the villagers. Following the calculation of economists, the incomes of entity will considerably increase.
A.Holmatov, the chairman of the general meeting of rural citizens of the ‘ Mevzor’ kishlak on behalf of the villagers thanked the sponsor of this project and the khokimiat (mayor’s office) of the Culistan district for selection of the farming entity ‘Bunyod Nodirjon Hamkor’ as the object of practical and experimental application of new method - drop irrigation.
Zaribjan Kuziev, the head of the projects of the International Public Fund ‘ECOSAN’ told audience about of the ‘ECOSAN’ activity and said that the Fund had been implementing such projects concerned with provision of kishlaks and settlements with pure drinking water for several years. 10 projects in amounting to 350 million soums (150 million soums are allocated by foreign sponsors, including the Turkish International Association ‘TIKA’) were implemented in 2010.
The presentation of one of these sponsored objects in the amount of 34 million soums will take place at kishlak ‘Mukhomon’ of the Khazarap district of the Khorezm province on one of these days. There works on laying of steel and polyethylene pipes with the total length of 1.2 km were finished to provide population with pure drinking water.
We hope, that these actions will render significant assistance in improvement of population health, particularly the health of children and women.

The head of the public relations department of the International Fund ‘


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