The World Day of struggle against desertification and drought

The process of desertification and drought is one of the serious troubles of the present age. This process demands on acceptance of necessary measures on struggle against these natural and technogenic occurrence. The General Assembly of the United Nations Organization has proclaimed   “The world day of struggle against desertification and drought” on June, 17th, 1995. This date had been chosen in connection with an anniversary of acceptance of the Convention on the struggle against desertification.

Period of  2010-2020 is proclaimed by the Decade of the United Nations Organization devoted to deserts and struggle with desertification. In 2011 a theme of the World day of struggle against desertification was – “Forests support the droughty places in working order”. «Forests are the first step to healing of the droughty earths and their protection from desertification. If each of us takes the obligation and guarantees, that only one tree planted in the degraded droughty earths survives in a year, we could receive more than two billions trees in droughty areas by the end of the year", - has noted the Executive secretary of the Convention on struggle against desertification, mr. Lyuck Gnakage. By opinion of the experts, desertification represents process of degradation of the earth in droughty, semi droughty and dry areas, occurring as a result of influence of various factors, including change of a climate and activity of the humanity. Consequences of this trouble are tested on itself approximately by the one sixth part of the population of the Earth, 70 % of all droughty earths (one fourth part of all huge tracts of the land in our planet) are very susceptibility to it. Degradation of the ground areas endanger to survival more than 1, 2 billion people.
Today Uzbekistan in common with Goskomprirodi of Republic of Uzbekistan, and with assistance of GEF/PROON/GITS/H'M «IsTsaUzr» Project have conduct a seminar devoted to the World day of struggle against desertification and a drought. At this seminar many interesting questions was heard. Nowadays, In Republic of Uzbekistan questions of struggle against desertification are high-priority. Why? Because of 70% territory of Uzbekistan consist from arid and semiarid areas. A nature-climatic condition of Uzbekistan brings to search for more effective ways for using ground resources.
Realizing importance of struggle against desertification as a component of achievement steady and country safe development, the Government of Uzbekistan uses all possibilities for the decision of problems of the earths connected with degradation, desertification and a drought.
Our republic has accepted active participation at all stages of preparation of the Convention on struggle with desertification and one of the first (13 country from 193 member countries of the Convention) has signed it on December, 7th, 1994. This Convention is ratified by Oliy Majlis on August, 31st, 1995. The organization responsible for realization this Convention in Uzbekistan is UzGidroMet. According to the Uzbekistan’s President Decree from October, 29th, 2007 № PF3932 «About measures on radical perfection of system and lands improvement » and to the Decision of the President - from March, 19th, 2008 «About a government program of ameliorative improvement of irrigated lands for 2008-2012» have been performed a huge works on land reclamation. Only in 2010 on these purposes it has been spent 150 billion sums, 585 km of open collectors and 154 km of the closed drainage network  was reconstructing , 12893 km of a collector-drainage network was clearing, and  236 items of different high-efficiency equipments was purchased.  Altogether in 2010 the ameliorative condition of 266 000 hectares irrigated earths was improved , and level of subsoil waters on area of 264 000 hectares is lowered. Also, a number of the international projects are realized.   
In particularly, international project of potential development,( running during the period with 2010-2012 by the Program of Development of the United Nations) , Global Ecological Fund, the German Agency of the International Cooperation and the Global Mechanism of the Convention of the United Nations. About it, and also about other achievements (in struggle with degradation of the lands and desertification in Uzbekistan), about steady management of Uzbekistan’s pastures, mobilization of external and innovative financial resources for steady Ground management resources, was speech at this seminar.
Separate session has been devoted to discussion about short-term and long-term requirements in increase of potential for various target groups in Uzbekistan.

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