Four-legged Friends Competed for a Cup

    On 3 October, since 10 a.m. over 200 dogs of 34 different breeds were receiving titles and assessments comfortably placed at territory of the tennis-courts ‘Pakhtakor Tennis’ at two rings.
    That day the international certifying exhibition of dogs of different breeds ‘Uzbekistan Cup 2010’ was held. The Republican club of service dog-breeding ‘Vatanparvar’, the member of the International Cynologist Union (IKU) organized this event.
    Within the framework of the exhibition representatives of security agencies held the demonstration show of protective and safeguard service. Excellently trained dogs from the nursery of the Ministry of Internal Affairs  demonstrated obedience to distant commands, given through portal radio transmitter in the hands of instructor and dynamic attached to dog-collar. Also the episodes of detention of criminals with participation of one and two figurants were showed. These demonstration raised interest and approval of spectators. Borisenko T.P. (the Ukraine) and Mamina K.R. (Uzbekistan), the judges of international category, judged this competition.
    Then the colouful show ‘Child and Dog’ awaited the spectators and participants. Young dog-breeders spoke about their pets, demonstrating their ability to show themselves at a ring. Although impartial jury selected only three winners, all participants of the competition received memorable prizes.
    The participants of another show named ‘Fancy-dress Ball’ raised smiles and ovations. It was really worth seeing. The Central Asian ovtcharka in national khan-atlas dress, the American Cocker-spaniel dressed as prim young lady, the Dalmatian in mermaid’s dress and huge impressive St. Bernard Dog in blue dress and Malvina’s wig with gold key in the teeth. The spectators applauded and photoed the dogs.
    The main event that took place at the end of the exhibition day was the competition of the best specimen of each breed ‘The Best in Show’. The winners each category (babies, puppies, juniors and adult dogs) were awarded certificates, medals and valuable prizes, provided by the sponsors of the exhibition.

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