In the Name of People’s Health

  Protection of people’s health has been and remains one of the priorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Today it is impossible to imagine medicine without modern medical equipment, the newest medications.
    The Resolution of the President of Uzbekistan ‘On Program of Modernization, Technical and Technological Refurbishment  of the Pharmaceutical Enterprises for the Period to 2011’ has served the new impetus for development of the pharmaceutical branch of Uzbekistan. Within the framework of this program the increase of the productive capacity of the enterprises of this branch, provision of the population with domestic qualitative and inexpensive medicinal preparations are planned. Today 45 domestic producers of pharmaceuticals, producing 900 names of products, actively operate in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
    Specialized medical exhibitions help to develop the area of medical serves in our country, to familiarize with the wide specter of products and services in the field of diagnostics and medical treatment, the newest information technologies in medicine. They also attract advanced foreign developments in Uzbekistan; allow demonstrating and assessing the achievements of home producers.
    On 6 October the 3thInternational Specialized Medical Exhibition ‘Uzmedexpo-2010’ opened in Tashkent. The exhibition is the effective instrument of the health care branch development in Uzbekistan and assists to attraction of modern medical technologies to the country. The exhibition ‘Uzmedexpo-2010’ includes such sections as ‘Modern Technologies in Health Care’, ‘The Medical Technics and Tools’, ‘ Medications and their Production’, ‘Stomatological Equipment and Materials’, Electric-medical Supersonic Roentgenlogic Equipment’, ‘Diagnostic and Laboratory Equipment’, ‘Analytical Equipment, Instrumentations’, ‘Rehabilitation and Training facilities’, ‘Medical Clothes and Footwear, Orthopedic Items’ and others. Companies-producers and distributors of medical technics, medications, stomatological equipment will present their production and services to more than ten thousand of professional visitors from different regions of the Republic.
    Such large domestic enterprises like the ‘Agro Bio Kimyo’, ‘Uzhimpharm’, ‘Tash Farm’ and also ptheroducers  of the domestic medical furniture will acquaint the visitors of the ‘Uzmedexpo-2010’ with their goods and services.
    Besides that, the production of the foreign producers of medical equipment and medications such as roentgenlogic and diagnostic equipment, stomatological devices, tools and materials, the newest diagnostic reagents for the wide specters of laboratory analysis, consumables and many others  will be widely  presented at the exhibition.
    The exhibition gathers the companies from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Poland, India, China and the United Arab Emirates.
    The 3th International Specialized Medical Exhibition ‘Uzmedexpo-2010’ will work till 8 October.

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