The Report on the Status of Health Care in the World’ has been Published

   Sound health is vitally important for people’s well-being and sustainable economic and social development. The countries – members of the UNO World Health Organization (WHO) set up before themselves the task to improve the financing system of health care. Its implementation will allow providing all people with the opportunity to use the services of medical and sanitary aid and at the same time will free them from payments for these services. The World Health Organization published the ‘Report on the Status of Health Care in the World 2010’. In this report the World Health Organization shows what countries can do to modify their financial systems in order to move faster to the achievement of this goal – provision of entire coverage of population with medical and sanitary aid and to fix achieved successes. The report is based on the results of new researches and lessons learned from the experience of countries. It contains the plan of actions for the countries of all levels of development and suggests the ways to allow to the world community rendering more effective support to the efforts of low income countries for the achievement of entire coverage of population with medical and sanitary aid and improvement of treatment results.
    The integration of Uzbekistan with the world community, broadening of international relations and cooperation with the countries that have the developed infrastructure of health care clearly revealed strong and weak sides, difference of levels of population health care system. To resolve above mentioned problems, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan issued the Decree №УП-2107 ‘On the State Program of Reformation of the Health Care System of the Republic of Uzbekistan’ dated 10 November 1998. It defined stage by stage approach to the national model of health care.
    The state program of health care reformation is based on the principles of strict observance of the terms of social protection of population, general availability of the guaranteed volume of medical aid.
    A number of priority areas that require immediate implementation are highlighted in the state program. These are reformation of primary medical aid, creation of the effective system of emergency medical aid, guaranteed by the state, improvement of health care financing system, provision of sustainable sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the country and improvement of medical aid to mothers and children.
    Following the state program of reformation of health care system and corresponding Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the measures on improvement of the financing system of health care institutions are implemented. Since 2000, the Ministry of Finance has been annually developing and approving the norms of financing; following them, budget and estimate cost of the institutions are formed. Stage by stage transition from estimate financing of health care institutions to the system of financing of guaranteed volume of medical services within the state order is envisaged.  It will require the concrete definition of expenses volume and kinds of medical services funded from the State Budget.

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