Started the new project on struggle with HIV/AIDS

On May, 20th, 2011 the National Association of the nongovernment noncommercial organizations (NANGOUz together with Program of Development of United Nations (UNDP) in Uzbekistan with participation of representatives more than 25 domestic NGO carries out information action for presentation of the next stage of realization the Program for realization of the grant of Global Fund on struggle against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Uzbekistan.
UNDP in Uzbekistan declares the beginning of the new project within the limits of the Program for realization of the grant of Global Fund on struggle against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria « Further expansion of programs in reply to epidemic HIV/AIDS in Uzbekistan with special accent on high risk groups». The project is directed on prevention of distribution HIV/AIDS, and also on rendering of the qualified medical aid of a HIV-infected persons in Republic Uzbekistan regions.
It is provided participation of institutes of a civil society in the project, in particular nongovernment noncommercial organizations. Thereupon NANGOUz informs its members on the announcement from UNDP of competition of project offers on the above-stated subjects.
Considerable success in strengthening of the services connected with a HIV are reached during the last years in Uzbekistan. With a view of creation of uniform system of the organization of struggle against AIDS, increase of efficiency and quality of realized measures on maintenance of necessary prevention e and reliable protection of the population against a HIV-infection, 12/26/2008 the Decision of the President of Republic Uzbekistan № PP-1023 «About additional measures on increase of efficiency of counteraction to HIV-infection distribution to Republic Uzbekistan» is accepted. The Republican commission on coordination of actions on counteraction to the HIV-infection distribution is formed. Problem of the Commission also is to maintain interaction of the ministries and departments, public authorities on places and public organizations on counteraction to HIV-infection distribution is formed.
Success of any actions directed on restriction and delay of distribution of epidemic of a HIV, creation of the favorable environment for development of these efforts can be reached by the organization of close dialogue between responsible persons and a civil society. For establishment of effective contact between them it is necessary to strengthen ability NGO, including LJV groups , to spend explanatory work in the major directions and to give necessary platforms for interaction, dialogue and consultations NGO with government and among themselves.
Thereupon NANGOUz, informs  the members on the competition announcement, expresses readiness to render to the members  methodical and information help in working out of projects, their subsequent realization and establishment of social partnership with state governing bodies with a view of maintenance of efficiency of realization of projects and stability of their results.
Expansion of activity and improvement of quality will lean on achievements and the lessons received as a result of realization of previous grant actions, and also the partner initiatives realized in Uzbekistan, such as the Central Asia regional project on HIV/AIDS (CARHAP), the project "POTENTIAL", projects of agency of the United Nations - UNICEF, UNAIDS and UNODC.
Deadline – on May, 25th, 2011  on the Tashkent time.

Zarema Akhmatova  {jcomments on}