Review of Asia Pacific Region for 2011

Over the past 100 years in most states in that region have undergone profound social, political and economic changes. The economies of these countries who wore have largely agrarian nature, became an industrial, export-oriented, which allowed it to better integrate into the global market. As a result of the intensification of agriculture has increased food production for domestic consumption and for export.
Rapid industrialization and economic growth have completely changed the way people live, especially in East and Southeast Asia. And on many indicators - health, education, nutrition, and income level - the quality of life for most people in the region every year gets better.
Annually, the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) provides a report on the social and economic development of countries in the region as a presentation. And this year was no exception. On May 5th, at the Center for Economic Research held a presentation of the Economic and Social Survey of Asia and Pacific Region (APR) for 2011 on the theme: "Maintaining a vibrant and inclusive development: regional cooperation and productive capacity in LDCs. »
The presentation was attended by leading experts and members of the Center for Economic Research, project coordinator of the Centre as well as media representatives.
Prior to the presentation, I did not quite understand the meaning of this event. But at the very beginning, all cleared up. Since today Asia-Pacific countries play an important role on the world stage, then, respectively, from the international community is growing interest in the region, in this connection, ESCAP each year prepares these reviews as a kind of presentations to disseminate information and coverage as the widest possible audience.
For Uzbekistan, in particular, this review is of great interest for the reason that our country is in the region and occupies its place here. Also, this report refers to the socio-economic development of our country, given reliable figures, data and statistics, which for us are also very important.
Lead researcher at the Center for Economic Research Umida Islamova during the presentation noted that the main focus of this review of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) in 2011 is to find ways to sustain the dynamic development of the region in the medium term.
Also, the Review gives great value to strengthening of regional infrastructural and transport communications, investments into human resources, stimulation of internal and regional demand, and also necessity of expansion and diversity of industrial potential in developing countries.
The main advantage of the given Review which is key publication of ESCAP, that it offers concrete and innovative recommendations on economic and social policy for the governments of Asian-Pacific region which will allow to create conditions for more balanced and a sustainable development of region economics.
The most pleasant moment in presentation was to learn that according to the report 2010 - 2011 indicators of Uzbekistan on many parameters have raised. Thus, it means, that the social and economic life of our society slowly, but truly rises upwards. We will hope that on it Uzbekistan will not stop, and further will aspire only forward.
Bogdan Schwarzmann {jcomments on}