Preview of the second edition

The problem of product quality, its certification under conditions of rapid development of mankind  is becoming a global problem. The world’s ecologists, scientists and manufacturers are looking for the technologies and techniques contributing to growth of product quality. However the special attention is giving to development and introduction of environmental product certification.There is operating state unitary enterprise “Toshkent ecologic sertifikatlashtirish markazi” approved by The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection in our country.

The activities of this enterprise is directed to the creation and development of green exportable production in our country.  To help businesses specialists and organizations, representatives of small business and private enterprise, ecologists for becoming familiar with environmental requirements for  products in the second edition of the journal “Ekologiya habarnomasi - Ecological Herald” published normative documents of the State system of ecological certification.  There are given the main conditions of the State system of ecological certification, terms and definitions  and legal documents based on organized activities in this sphere in the publication.
In addition, there is reflected the different aspects of environmental problems in the second edition of the journal.
The second edition of the journal  «Ekologiya xabarnomasi - Environmental Herald" definitely interested environmentalists, scientists and manufacturers.

Yuliya Panina  {jcomments on}