After crisis development of Germany and Uzbekistan : facilities, activations and opportunities

World financial crisis – is one of the most serious problems which excite humanity throughout last three years. This trouble has concerned practically each of us. Profit was decreased, deprivation of a job, a rise in prices, a delay of wages, grant, pension and unemployment. Only a crisis induces humanity to refuse all superfluous, and to become more economic.
That is why on June, 13th, 2011 in capital business centre ‘Poytaht’ the round table has been taken place, organized by Fund Konrad Adenauer with magazine «Economic review», the Center of economic researches and the Center of political researches.
In work of a round table have been take part over 70 representatives of the state agency, public organizations, financial institutions, civil and expert community, and also the international organizations and business groups.
Main objective of a round table was discussion of possible things in common and fruitful cooperation of Uzbekistan and Germany in post crisis economical development.
On this presentations have been heard such themes, as: risks of technological and industrial cooperation, an estimation of potential economical cooperation with external partners of the Central Asia, and also perspective development of Uzbek economy during the post crisis period.
Inherently, this action was very interesting to ecological portal, because economical development of any state is always adjoins to ecological conditions of the country.
All of us are perfectly informed that the nature still unpredictable of what we were convinced recently on an example of Japan.
As to Germany the country has already refused of using atomic power station till 2022 year. On the given question Uzbekistan has also chosen own way of development.
The main credo is high energy - efficiency and resource-efficiency, profitability, and also the maximum involving of internal resources: localization, deep processing, integration of manufacture, a science, formation, etc.
Now it is very important to define, how the countries are ready to meet calls facing to them.
The good estimation of the given prospects will allow choosing the most perspective directions of mutually advantageous cooperation.

Minaev M.  {jcomments on}